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06prime taking you back in time!

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Hello & Welcome to 06Prime! 06Prime is a server that is currently being coded by a dedicated group of developers. Are goal is to create a successful 2006 server to recreate the golden days of RuneScape. Many people make the argument that you should just play 2007, but it obviously isn't the same as 2006. Please tell your friends about 06Prime & stay active on our forums!

06Prime Development Team

Mod Kieran - Developer

Mod Zoro - Developer

Mod Josh - Developer

Mod Spencer - Web Developer

[img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/2EJAV.gif[/img] Combat
[color=green]PvP fully complete
PvN fully complete
NvN system working
X-logging (if disconnected during combat, logs out only after 60secs or death)
Perfect max hit formulas
Perfect accuracy formula
Every weapon special attack
Equipment effects (i.e. barrows)
Equipment requirements
Degradable equipment
Weapon poisoning[/color]

[color=green]Every modern combat spell
Every ancient combat spell
Can't mage through walls
Staves that give unlimited amount of runes working
Charge w/ godspells
Iban blast/Slayer dart
Weakening spells
Every other spell including:
Charging orbs
Enchanting jewelry

[img]http://web.archive.org/web/20121116125603im_/http://i.imgur.com/C2xH2.gif[/img] Ranged
Throwing weapons (knives, darts, javelins, throwing axes)
Crossbows (the regular one and karil's)
Can't shoot through walls
Ranged distances (9 steps for long range, 7 steps for normal)

All bones bury-able
Every prayer working properly
Prayer bonus affects prayer drain rate

Emptying and refilling rocks
All ores can be mined
Mining gems at shilo village
Mining granite and sandstone (1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg)
Correct pickaxe finding and animations
Random chance of obtaining gems
Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms

All bars can be made
All bars can be forged into items
All equipment can be produced
Ring of forging
Correct animations, interfaces and objects used

All fish can be caught
Big net fishing
Vessel fishing(put a raw karambwan as a bait in the vessel and catch karambwan)
Correct item requirements
Fishing spots located all around the world
Correct animations
Moving fishing locations
Fishing Platform

Flour collecting
Hot drinks
Brew making
Cooking gauntlets
Eating food (in pieces)
Correct animation and timing used

Stumps and regrowing trees
Correct hatchet finding
Correct hatchet animations
All trees cut-able
Correct fell chance algorithms
Birds nest falling out

All logs light able
Adding and depleting of lightened logs
Pyre log firemaking
mort'ton temple(making sacred oil)
Sacred oil to make pyre logs(correct doses)
All lighting sources
Colored fires
"Backward" firelighting
Ashes appear after logs burn out
Correct animations

[color=yellow]Gnome, Wilderness, Pyramid and Brimhaven courses usable
Run energy affected(weight + level)
Force movement mask
Correct animations used[/color]

Correct animations
Herb Identifying
All potions can be made
Correct first and secondary ingredients
Coconut making
Item grinding(pestle use)
Poisoning weapons(all types)
Can pour doses into other potions (must be the same potion)

NPC thievery working with correct stunning formula
Can thieve from stalls and can get caught by surrounding guards
Doors lockpicking and chests
Correct animations and graphics used

Cutting gems
Making amulets, necklaces, and rings
Stringing amulets and necklaces
Tanning normal, hard, and dragon hide
Crafting normal, hard, snakeskin, and dragon hide
Crafting snakeskin
Spinning wool and flax
Making pottery
Attaching studs

Use of the Abyss
Rock mining
Tendrils chopping
Boil burning
Eyes distracting
Gap crossing
Skulled when entering
Prayer drained to 0
Dark mage repairing pouches

All altars working
Correct multiple crafting
Use of Pouches included
Talismans "pull" to altars
Tiaras enchanting
Combining runes and their uses
Mist runes
Dust runes
Mud runes
Smoke runes
Steam runes
Lava runes
Binding necklace(100% of combining rune if wielded, and has 15 charges)

All logs can be fletched
Option interface for short or long bow (shafts if normal log)
Can string bows
Can make bolt-tips
Brutal arrows making
Bow stringing
Can make arrows
All slayer masters
Every monsters added for every tasks
Burthorpe tasks
Canifis tasks
Edgeville tasks
Lost city tasks
Shilo village tasks
Tips on killing monsters
'Special monsters' requires a specific slayer level and equipment to slay
Slayer shops
All slayer masters working
Can ask for an easier task at burthorpe if you have a too hard task
All equipment working
Item that finishes off some monsters
Equipment that are required to fight some monsters

Special monsters(Zygomite and mogre)
Slayer gem working

All vegetables working
Correct crop timings

All flowers and their effects working
Correct flower timings

All herbs working
Correct herbs timings

All hops working
Correct hops timings

Fruit Trees
All fruit trees working
Correct sapling growth timings
Correct fruit tree growth timings

All trees working
Correct sapling growth timings
Correct tree growth timings

Watch over crops working
Correct payments per type of crop

Compost Bin
Supercompost making
Compost making

berries regrowing after being picked
Correct bush timings
All bushes working

Tool Leprechaun
Store items working
Swaps noted items

All farming patches working
Correct disease chance algorithm
Special plants
Spirit trees teleport to tree gnome
Calquat trees
Belladona trees
Cactus trees

All tools working
Magic secateurs

Duel Arena
[color=yellow]Castle Wars
Fight Caves
Fight Pits[/color]
[color=red]Pest Control
Fishing Trawler
Gnome Ball
Bar crawl
Blast Furnace
Champion's Challenge
Chompy hunting
Games room
Jungle Clean Up
[color=yellow]Pet Care[/color](70% done)
Rogue Trader
Rogue's Den
Splitbark Armour
Temple Trekking
Tzhaar Caves[/color]
[color=yellow]Magic Training Arena[/color]

Get music/sound packets
Get music/sound playing
All areas have music (f2p done)
All sounds added

Tutorial Island
Improved quest system (made it very simple, so the quests can be added very fast)
Rune Mysteries Quest
Cook's Assistant
Sheep Shearer
Imp Catcher
Zamorak Mage Miniquest
Magic Arena Miniquest

Drunken dwarf
Ent tree
Explosive mining rocks
Flying pickaxe heads
Flying axe heads
Whirlpool fishing
Big fish stealing equipment
Evil chicken
Freaky Forester
River troll
Rock golem
Spirit tree
More to come...

Ground items (items wait for 60 seconds before becoming public, then disappear after an additional 150 seconds. Untradable items disappear after 180 seconds from being dropped)
Water fillables (using vials, buckets, jugs, etc. on water sources)
Pickables (cabbages, onions, wheat, etc.)
Skill interfaces
Item weight
Treasure trails
Clue scroll system
Kill some monster to get the key for a chest/drawers (level3 clues)
Simple Clues
Puzzle : hover your mouse on the hint icon to get a hint
Anagram Scrolls
Challenge Scrolls
Coordinate(need sextant, chart, and watch to dig)
Speak to clues
key to open drawers and chests
Digging clues
Map Scrolls
Search Scrolls
Mage book making(torn pages)
Every clue level reward(25+ rewards)
Npcs dropping clue scrolls
Npcs dropping clue scrolls


[color=Red](More pictures will be added)[/color] Edited by 06Prime

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What is the planned exp rate for the server? Edited by Scientist

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I find this server very enjoyable.
Thank you.

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The server is okay, but let me tell you the staff is terrible.

They do not care about the community at all. They do not listen to player suggestions, and if you are in trouble or need help they will just ignore you.

Due to this, I suggest no one joins. Sad to see a good server go to waste due to its terrible corrupt staff members.


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looking forward to new updates of your server. keep up the good work.

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Almost 24 hours till release. Someone needs to update this post it's really old.

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