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614 SpawnScape Change Coords


hey i want to change the coords for the spellbook H teleport, the coords are 3186, 3440 but when i search is in the source it dosnt find anything.. and i tried with the interface that is i192.. there is nothing there..


[CODE]package dragonkk.rs2rsps.net.commands;

import dragonkk.rs2rsps.model.Teleporter;
import dragonkk.rs2rsps.model.player.Player;
import dragonkk.rs2rsps.net.Command;
import dragonkk.rs2rsps.Server;
import dragonkk.rs2rsps.events.GameLogicTask;
import dragonkk.rs2rsps.events.GameLogicTaskManager;

public class Home implements Command {

public void execute(String[] args, final Player p) {
if(!p.getCombat().isSafe(p)) {
p.getFrames().sendChatMessage(0, "You can't use this command here.");
p.getFrames().sendChatMessage(0, "Please do ::tele to open up the tele menu or click the world map.");

}[/CODE] Edited by spawnscapee614

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