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Rune-Evolution 742 - No Antileech - Fully Working

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OK im sorry is the source the server file if not were is it in the server file as I can not find ( Player.java).
and my player save file I can hardly read it let alone edit I used a (StarterPack_RuneLocus) and it save the player a a text doc but this one saves them as a P File (.p) I don't know If I need a program to open it the right way so I can read it or what.

and how can I mod the stats of a weapon?

I have the server running to be real I don't plain on any one but me playing im going to do solo play and what I cant solo play I plain to alter some gear to give me just the stats I need to solo all bosses Edited by james6345

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No permission to re-release. Was only posted on Rune-server and moparscape.
Remove this please. I am Fox2007 from moparscape and king fox from rune-server.

Logged in on Rune-server: [url]http://prntscr.com/21abum[/url]
Logged in on Moparscape: [url]http://prntscr.com/21ac0m[/url]

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