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[B][U]RuneZ patch: 1.1[/U][/B]

*At the current time of this post the patch has not gone live yet. I am currently transferring files to the Dedicated Server. It's 1 AM here, and I decided to go ahead and make the patch notes

*I am now going to label RuneZ by its version number. This update makes RuneZ version 1.1

Added in Crashed Stars. This is where 10 'stars' will crash into the Earth upon server start, and they have 5 Wilderness level items spawn on top/around them. They do not crash randomly, they have set locations. I will switch up the locations every now and then. 2 of the locations are on Karamja.
Redid Wilderness loot tables, and most other loot tables. I have yet to redo the General Store.
Engine performance touch up.
New items have been introduced to the game! These items include trading sticks, dharok, guthan, verac, torag, and karils items, obby shield, berserker ring, berserker ring i, archers ring, amulet of ranging, amulet of fury, Orante Katana, Auspicious Katana (currently best weapon in-game), Golden Katana, dragon 2h (this has a great custom special attack, it is similar to the DDS special attack), dragon hacthet, dragon pickaxe, dragonhide armors, Dark Bow, dragon arrows, robin hood hat and boots, TokHaar-Kal (the black firecape), Ring of Recoil, the rest of the Party hats have been added to the ZShop along with H'ween masks, santa hat, and bunny ears. There are probably a couple more items that have slipped my mind.
There are now 4 different ZShops, split up by category. The categories are Weapons & Armors, tools, food and supplies, and rares and cosmetics. Lots of new items have been added to the ZShop.
We now have a new safe zone! To enter the new safe zone, click on the giant blue portal at the 'Clan Camp'. The new safe zone is a Clan Citadel.
Tasks have been added! To start tasks, talk to Mazchna at the Safe Zone! You will be rewarded with a really good amount of ZCoins! The tasks start from easiest to hardest, and each task rewards 10 more ZCoins than the one before it. The first task rewards 30 ZCoins. There are a total of 13 tasks. There will be more added in the future.
The Financial Assistant has been added to the Safe Zone! You can buy/sell trading sticks with him. A trading stick costs 1 ZCoin, and he will buy them from you for 1 ZCoin, what a bargain!
Trading sticks can be purchased from the Financial Manager, or directly from the ZShop - Food and Supplies
Farming has been finished! It now supports all herb, flower, allotment, trees, and fruit tree patches! Although, currently there are only allotment seeds added to the game, the reset will be added soon.
Redid Dharok Effect, and added in Veracs and Guthan effects.
Added in ring of recoil effect
Changed a few of the 'Tip' messages.
Purple Sweets now heal 140 health
Zombie hits have been rebalanced.
EVERYONE has a bank now! This can be accessed from the Safe Zone by talking to the Banker! Regular players have a 5 slot bank, donators 10, and sponsors 15.
I believe Night and Day is now at %100, it also now is only Night/Day, not morning or afternoon. Night is also not as dark.
Added in where once donators type ::donated in-game, they receive the forum rank as well.
Task interface added, type ::task to see what your current task is
Fixed the ::donate command and ::help command, they now currently redirect you to the right part of the website.
A few misc. things here and there
Now, upon Death, you will lose 1/3 of your combat skills, not have them reset to 1
Fixed the water, jug of water, bowl of water drink options

What has not been added yet, but has either been started, or will be added very soon:
zombie boss
expansion of game world
NPC that will reset your defence level
Add in more farming seeds; herbs, flowers, trees
A few cool things to do at the safe zone
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