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[B]1. No bumping, no spamming and no double posting.[/B]

[INDENT]This includes blatant bump posts like:[/INDENT]

[INDENT]This also includes other members posting spam in an attempt to bump. For example, when people post things such as:[/INDENT]

[B][INDENT][INDENT]"Join it's supur fun yo". or "Everyone join, we need more staff and players!"[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Even if you aren't double posting, that is spam and it is bumping.

[COLOR=red][B]ONLY You are allowed a single update bump every 24 hours, no one else is allowed to bump it for you[/B].Meaning that the bump must contain new information as a reason to bump your thread, and it is only allowed every 24 hours so you can ensure that your thread doesn't die.You're not allowed to create new accounts and pretend to be other people, you WILL be caught, and you will be punished accordingly.[/COLOR][/INDENT]

Abide by this or I will delete your thread.
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