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VM Khemo

RSPS StartCoding [317 Client+Source] w/Few Customs

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This was just recently released on RSPSCoding.
I coded most of the server, and its honestly got a few problems..
But its great for a starting server, or someone new to coding.

I downloaded a 317 a long time ago, I think the name was CorruptionPkz or something.
But since then, I've moved on to a 641 project, and gave up my work with this 317,
Just recently I decided, because I don't think there is one, I've never seen one..
I'm going to make a legitament Starter Server, as in; A Server for new Coders.

It's not amazing, and not everything works.. But it'll be great for you newcomers.
I worked on Slayer a bit, and tasks are almost fully functional.
A major problem with Slayer you would have to fix, (Your first bug, if you're new to coding)
Is the Slayer Shop. You can access the shop through Dialogue, but I've removed the Dialogue
because I started the actual Slayer Shop, for points. This way..
You could talk to Vanakka, get a task, ETC, and then trade him, opening a Slayer Points shop.
With the Dialogue trade, there were only 2 items in it, and it wasn't made with Shops.cfg
So its located elsewhere in the files, where? I don't know. You'll have to find it.

Like I said, this Client and Source isn't fully functional, but its great for starters.
You'll have a vast array of things to customize making it your own,
Yet it should be very easy to do so. I've changed all the basics to keywords.

For example;
if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("Staff")) {
sendQuest("@[email protected] YOUR RSPS TITLE Staff List", 8144);
sendQuest("@[email protected]/Coder e.", 8146);
sendQuest("@[email protected] to RSPS TITLE HERE", 8147);
sendQuest("@[email protected] is our current staff list.", 8148);
sendQuest("@[email protected], do not beg for staff.", 8149);
sendQuest("@[email protected]&Coder:", 8150);
sendQuest("@[email protected]", 8151);
sendQuest("@[email protected]:", 8152);
sendQuest("@[email protected] ", 8153);


"Welcome to RSPS TITLE HERE"


Those 3 alone can find you 65% of the files.

But before I get to the Download Links and all that jazz.
I'll post some pictures for you guys.





Has a couple customs added already.
There is a lot of stuff you will need to do, but this is only the first release,
and like I've said, its great for starting, and very easy to use.



Credits to;

"CorruptionPkz" for the Source and Client so long ago.

"Lumiere" for helping me code some of it.

"Me(Khemo)" for coding a crapton of new stuff into it.[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Link doesn't work

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lame I signed up for this? that's bs...

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[quote name='Prometheus718']leeechherrrrrsssss^^ xD[/QUOTE]

I know right looks exactly like another server I've seen somewhere else. But and again don't say "leeched" against the forum rules ;)

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