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Some more info on private servers?


Hi guys, I'm new to RSPS and am looking at making one for me and my friends.

I some questions first though. :confused:

How exactly does a RSPS work? I see in the tutorial it talks about creating a template to access RuneScape. Are we actually connecting to/through the Jagex servers, or was there a hack that allowed the source to be downloaded?

What are the main differences between 317/508/718? They all seem to be in line with game progression and major versions with a few less major versions (568, 608, 714) scattered between. Are theses more up to date templates or hacks?

If a RSPS does connect through Jagex servers do I need to worry about being IP banned if I host it for my friends? (I still play RuneScape)

I think thats all for now!
Looking into getting a 508/718 server up and running, thanks for any info - Proverbs. :)

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