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mr extremez

2006redone - Gigantic Remake of Runescape in 2006! Now with custom content!

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2006redone is a remake of the years of 2006. 2006redone will help you relive your childhood memories and get away from the terrible new content jagex has put in place of that. We are going to be a 99 % strict remake with decent exp rates and great game play. The server has a 2.5x exp rate!

The Team:
Owner and Website Developer: Dondxon
Head Developer: Mr Extremez on mopar/runelocus also know as I'm a boss on r-s.


The red color means the feature has not yet been started.
The orange color means the feature has been started and is under construction.
The green color means the feature has been finished.

Client Features:

- Fast client
- Autocache downloader
- 377 Maps
- 377 Items
- 377 Anims/Gfx
- 377 Gameframe
- 377 Npcs
- No customs

Server Features:


- All bones bury-able
- Every prayer working properly
- Prayer bonus affects prayer drain rate
- Zombie Random


- Gnome, Brimhaven, and Wilderness, Pyramid, Werewolf courses usable
- Force movement mask
- Correct animations used
- Run energy affected by weight and level


- Correct anims
- Ashes
- All logs lightable
- Colored fires
- Clipped
- Can't light fires in Bank
- Can click logs on the ground and light them


- Stumps and regrowing trees
- Correct hatchet finding
- Correct hatchet animations
- All trees cut-able
- Correct fell chance algorithms
- Birds nest falling out
- Broken axe random event
- Spirit Tree
- Canoes


- Emptying and refilling rocks
- All ores can be mined
- Correct pickaxe finding and animations
- Prospecting
- Random chance of obtaining gems
- Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms
- Mining gems at shilo village
- Mining granite and sandstone (1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg)
- Rock Golem


- All logs can be fletched
- Correct interfaces
- Fletch 5, 10, x, all


- Gem cutting
- Tanning
- Spinning & Picking flax
- Pottery
- Jewelry Molding


- Stall Thieving
- NPC Thieving
- Correct anims & gfx
- Correct Respawn Times


- All fishes cookable
- All meat cookable
- Pizzas, cakes, pies, stews.
- Cooking gauntlets
- Correct anims & delays
- Working interface with multiple amount options
- Lumbridge cooking range bonus
- Eating food
- Wine


- Altar Enterting
- Tiaras
- All Altars
- Abyss


- All potions makeable
- Itentifying herbs
- Weapon poisioning


- All bars smithable
- Smelting
- Correct anims, working interfaces & objects

- All fish can be caught
- Big net fishing
- Correct item requirements
- Fishing spots located all around the world
- Correct animations

HtjDm.gif Slayer
- Working slayer gem
- Working slayer shop
- Tasks where you are required to wield any special equipment, e.g. boots out of the slayer shop
- Generating task's bound on combatlevel/slayerlevel
- Remove task forever for slayer points
- Cancel task for slayer points
- All slayer masters
- All slayer masters can give you the slayer location
- XP after each killed NPC, + XP after finishing task

Skills to do:



- PvP fully complete
- PvN fully complete
- X-logging (if disconnected during combat, logs out only after 60secs or death)
- Perfect max hit formulas
- Perfect accuracy formula
- Every weapon special attack
- Equipment effects (i.e. barrows)
- Equipment requirements
- Degradable equipment
- Weapon poisoning


-Big Wolf
-Chaos Elemental
-Count Draynor
-Dagganoth Supreme
-Dagganoth Rex
-Dagganoth Prime
-Giant Mole
-Gunthor the Brave
-Kalphite Queen
-King Black Dragon


-Duel Arena
-Castle Wars
-Fight Caves
-Fight Pits
-Pest Control
-Fishing Trawler

20090906074416%21Lamp.pngRandom Events:

-Broken axe random
-Bird Nests
-Sand which Lady
-Rock Golem
-Spirit Tree
-Evil Chicken
- Swarm
- Shade
- Whirlpool
-Random Event Handling System
-No random in tut island, in certain areas, etc...


-Cook's Assistant, Doric's Quest, Imp Catchter, Pirates treasure, Restless Ghost, Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer, Vampyre Slayer, Witch's Potion, Gertrudes Cat, Knights Sword
-Tutorial island added (Npcs, dialogues, doors, all tasks, etc)


- Member only worlds in the future

- Members get 352 bank slots while non members get 100
- Members can reset any combat stat that is 10 and under
- Members get to attend any testing phase that is open before the server starts
- Members get a donator only forum section
- Members get to use simple BBcode such as Bold, Italics, and Underline.
- The benefits you receive would depend on the amount donated all of the listed features would cost a one time payment of $10


- Random event handler that works great with all random events
- Skill handler that works great with all skills
- Quest handler that works great with f2p or p2p quests
- Around 10 random events in place as of now
- All skills done to full completion
- Water fillables (using vials, buckets, jugs, etc. on water sources)
- Pickables (cabbages, onions, wheat, etc.)
- Skill interfaces
- Pets
- Working objects all around the world
- 2500 + npcs spawned
- Changelog with 2500+ changes now
- Christmas Crackers
- Holiday events handler
- Working desert
- Single and double doors
- Dupe free guarentee (If you find a dupe it will be patched asap).
- Runescape guilds
- All food that runescape had in 2006
- Normal and ancient magics, ancients is for members only
- All runescapes shops that were in 2006
- All runescapes potions
- Correct runescape start
- Sailing
- Gnome Glider
- Bank Pins
- Correct runescape teleports
- Wilderness warning
- All rings/amulets loaed
- Al kharid/shantay pass w/dialogues & items req
- Tele tabs
- Tele other
- Lots of minigames
- Clipping following/npcs
- Empty handler added for items that can be emptied
- Crystal Chest
- Flour Mill
- Logging system for every type of thing to make sure no one gets scammed
- Update Cache
- Members Only Benefits
- Runescape prices
- Chat filtering
- Running/w energy
- Magic Carpet
- Skill Guides
- Same exp rates as runescape (May be changed if voted for).
- Weapon Poisoning
- Music/Sounds

Changelog: (To see the full thing check the website)



Link Approval:

- Mr Extremez/I'm A Boss - Server Sided
- Dondxon - Website
- Sanity - the base
- Graham
- Ryan
- Blake

If i forgot anyone, let me know it.

Contains over 900 changes! (We have about 3000 changes listed on the website)
1. Started project
2. Fixed all eclipse warnings
3. Emptying done
4. Wilderness warning
5. Desert done
6. Private messaging
7. Fixed specialing
8. Giant mole done
9. Enchanting
10. All rings and amulets done
11. Zanaris teleport with staff
12. Added dialogues to LOTS of npcs.
13. Sheep Shearing
14. Working quest handling system with multiple classes so it doesn't get cluttered with 100 + quests
15. All events converted to tasks
16. Object handling for all types of objects
17. Shops class with arrays done
18. Magic Carpet done (A little buggy though)
19. Christmas Crackers done
20. Membership done (May have bugs)
21. Requirments to quest items but disabled untill the quests are added done
22. Waterskins done
23. Splitchat saving done
24. Skillhandler done
25. Skill guides done
26. Prayer skill done
27. All spawns added
28. All shops added
29. All prices dumped
30. All events converted to tasks
31. Added cooks assistant quest
32. Added object handling for doors, ladders, levers, pickables, searching, trapdoors, and more...
33. Bank pins added
34. Emote handler added
35. Added item handler added for fillables, emptying, and object teles
36. Added combat handler for all teles Ancients, Moderns, and normal Magic Class
37. Added enchanting
38. Added around 10 random events
39. Made exp rate 1x so it's like runescape
40. Changed everything to say 2006Redone
41. Added item requirments for quests
42. Added flour mill
43. Added crystal chest
44. Added sailing
45. Added gnome glider
46. Fixed many bugs
47. Host black listing added so people can't use vpn's when there ip banned
48. Fixed gameframe to show music tab
49. Added reportbug command
50. Added entering shilo village with mosol rei (I think that's his name)
51. Added picking s and selling them
52. Added lots of more dialogues
53. Added sheep shearing
54. Added all bankers/bank chests
55. Added proper banker dialogues
56. Added private messaging
57. Redid commands class
58. Added aggressiveness for a bunch more monsters
59. Redid packaging
60. Fixed more bugs
61. Added tramp that asks for coins
62. Added lumbridge guide
63. Added party peet dialogues
64. Added bartender who sells beer
65. Added charging glories
66. Added entering kq lair with rope
67. Added spinning
68. Redid food class
69. Removed all minigames redoing all of them
70. Redid barrows should be almost perfect
71. Fixed barrows minimap bug
72. Added around 10 + 2006 bosses
73. Added kbd effects
74. Added cooking
75. Added potatoes
76. Added eco reset
77. Added random events handler
78. Redid random events system more effecient now
79. Cleaned up lots of process
80. Fixed lots of bugs for random events all should be flawless almost
81. Added clipped following
82. Added clipped npcs
83. Cleaned up lots of things
84. Added some commands for developers use
85. Fixed some java exception errors
86. Added imp's catcher
87. Added doric's quest
88. Added sheep shearer
89. Fixed another java exception error
90. Added saving for membership
91. Firemaking added
92. Countless bug fixes added
93. Added Restless Ghost
94. Added Rune Mysteries
95. Added Vampyre Slayer
96. Added Romeo and Juliet
97. Added Gertrudes Cat
98. Added quest dialouges for 9 quests
99. Added some more things to quest handling to make it easier
100. Added actions for all the quests
101. Added clicking buttons all the quests
102. Added rewards for all the quests with reward handler
103. Added stage for all the quests with stage handler
104. Fixed 20 + bugs
105. Tons of more bug fixes
106. Added witchs potion
107. Fixed some witchs potion bugs
108. Fixed some bugs for restless ghost
109. Added some more dialogues for npcs
110. Fixed some bugs
111. Added 200 more spawns
112. Added pirates treasure
113. Fixed more bugs
114. Added more spawns
115. Fixed some shops bugs
116. Added proper sailing (Dialogues, all boats, all npcs can sail you, cash for karamja)
117. Fixed banana selling
118. Fixed a cash dupe
119. Fixed some more bugs, added lots of activities in karamja that are in rs
120. Added some more shops for some quests
121. Added transporting rum to port sarim from karamja with correct dialogues
122. Added option to enter mole holes or not
123. Finished pirates treasure finally
124. Added some more working objects
125. Fixed a bunch of bugs
126. Redid packaging
127. Removed tons of useless things
128. Added cache downloader
129. Added superheating
130. Added some random event fixes
131. Redid prayer
132. Redid a lot of packing
133. Buffed up random event system a lot
134. Fixed some more bugs
135. Testing mode added for testing purposes if testing mode is on you will get all 99's to test with and a bank to start with etc
136. Added Fletching
137. Added Woodcutting
138. Added Mining
139. Added Fishing
140. Added Thieving
141. Added Herblore
142. Added Crafting
143. Castlewars Added
144. Agility Added
145. Added tons of castlewars fixes now 95 %
146. All skills done as of now except 3
147. Runecrafting added
148. Abyss added
149. Tiaras added
150. Made changes to testing mode so it saves
151. Fixed testing mode bank
152. Added almost full maze random
153. Added pets
154. Fixed some shops that weren't working/some dialogues
155. Fixed a lot of bugs 
156. Fixed bankers so they have correct dialogues
157. Made some changes to pets you can now not drop more than one, and they have more dialogues with them.
158. Holiday drops added for christmas, halloween, and easter.
159. Added option to disable any skill and enable them
160. Removed a lot of max players processes and useless code
161. Redid firemaking skill
162. Fixed givelife bug
163. Added more stability fixes
164. Fix npc following bug all npcs are following you for some reason now (Recent bug)
165. Added all rings/amulets
166. Fixed some more pet bugs
167. Fixed dropping items bug
168. Made it check if you had items if you were going to entrana
169. Added 30 coin requirment for karamja
170. Fixed tons of bugs!
171. Redid modern/ancients classes
172. Fixed not being able to see players names bug
173. Fixed deadlock issues
174. Fixed more bugs
175. Fixed attacking npc and them walking away issue
176. Started working on tutorial island class
177. Fixed chatting on tutorial island now only admins + can talk
178. Added no teleporting in tutorial island unless your an admin +
179. Made it so if your done with tutorial island you spawn in lumbrige
180. Made it so if you die in tutorial island you respawn there
181. Added fight caves
182. Added lots of more working objects
183. Fixed more bugs
184. Things added for testing purposes
185. Lots of commands added that were needed with support for testing mode and can be used by admin +
186. Added many changes to castle wars
187. Fixed lots of bugs
188. Added fight pits
189. Castle wars is almost bugless fixed more bugs
190. Fixed wilderness warning bug would show up in castle wars
191. Restricted teleporting in all minigames that you can't tele in unless your admin +
192. Added castle wars shop
193. Fixed amount of tickets you get for castle wars 2 = win/1 = tie/0 = loss
194. Fixed all castle wars message glitches, colors with messages, grammar, etc...
195. Changed game times of castle wars to 20 minutes and wait time to 200 seconds
196. Made it if you glitched in castle wars you get teled out
197. Made it so you can't attack people when you have the flag
198. Added timer for getting bandages
199. Fixed hoods for castlewars
200. If server is disconnected while in cw game you are moved back to cw main room
201. If you are posioned when you start castle wars it goes away
202. Made it so you can't unequip your cape/hood during castle wars game
203. Made all items on table for castlewars takeable
204. Added explosive potions
205. Made table that gives rocks give rocks
206. Made table that gives toolkits give toolkit
207. Fixed explosive pots
208. Fixed all table items
209. Added baricades
210. Added perfect bank pins
211. Added many dialogues
212. Fixed lots of bugs
213. Redid potions class
214. Added energy/super energy potions
215. Worked a lot on tuturial island
216. Fixed more bugs related to tutorial island and testing mode
217. Disabled testing mode for now
218. Added more things to tutorial island making it 100 % from scratch
219. Worked on tutorial island more dialogues are almost 100 % done and worked on some classes for it
220. Got all tutorial island dialogues
221. Redid commands class
222. Added saving for tutorial island and adding more misc things for tut island
223. Fixed more bugs
224. Redid magic classes with enums changed 3 classes to 1
225. Added timed mutes for reports and added some more things to make reports almost perfect
226. Added pm logs
227. Added bug logs
228. Added trade logs
229. Added report logs
230. Added command logs
231. Fixed private messaging bugs and you now can't pm on tutorial island
232. Added clicking timer for sandwhich lady
233. Added dropping logs
234. Added logging class
235. Added all types of bans/mute logs
236. Fixed some bugs with trading and other misc bugs
237. Added cactus to desert
238. Added lots of changes to the desert
239. Started on partyroom
240. Amulet of glory/games necklace/ring of dueling should now be perfect
241. Added better trade logs
242. Added more updates to waterskins
243. Added real experience lamps
244. Made some changes to the packaging
245. Cleaned up some code
246. Smithing skill started
247. Added al kharid gate 5 coins requirment
248. Added shantay pass requirment to get in the desert
249. Rewrote holiday class now with just a change of an int and a string you can change the holidays
250. Added more foods to eat including pumpkins
251. Added partyroom working 90 % need to pollish up a couple things
252. Added bug fixes holiday class is now 100 %
253. Finished full desert including carpet, shantay pass, desert heat, cutting cactus's, waterskins, etc...
254. Added checking on login if you are dead
255. Fixed some bugs
256. Added some fixes to mining class
257. Added random gems when mining
258. Added mining sandstone and granite
259. Added ore prospecting for mining
260. Fixed distance for woodcutting so you have to be up close to the tree
261. Finished fishing skill
262. Fixed some castlewars bugs like stepping stones, doors, dialouges etc...
263. Fixed taking things from castle wars table
264. Added more things to castle wars it should be near perfect
265. Worked on tutorial island some
266. Added new thieving class that is a lot more effectient than the old one
267. Added thieving damage for npcs higher the level of npc higher the hit
268. Added respawn times for stalls
269. Added correct items for thieving npcs
270. Logged kills and death for pking
271. Thieving should now be 99 %
272. Added teleother
273. Mining skill redone
274. Added dueling logs now every single of the aspect of the game is logged basically
275. Fixed some bugs
276. Made skills that are members only, members only
277. Added single and double doors
278. Fixed some food bugs, door bugs, and some conventions
279. Fixed item equipping and disappearing
280. Redid all events for more stability
281. Fixed some necklaces and ring teleing bugs
282. Fixed bugs
282. Fixed more bugs
283. Perfect holiday class with enums and fixed all bugs
284. Added region clipping for ground item drops
285. Added bank booths
286. Reduced bank/bank booth code
287. Updated packaging
288. Added thieving chests/picking locks
289. Updated thieving again
290. Fixed some bugs with objects
291. Updated cachedownloader and it now works
292. Added 95 % gate system for gates/double gates
293. Update shantay and al kharid gates
294. Fixed kbd poisoning
295. Updated another bug for gates
296. Fixed wilderness teleport bug
297. Added monkey guards at ape atoll
298. Fixed poison spider spawns
299. Made poison spiders poison you
300. Added ghosts/skeles/and zombies at the forgotten cemetary
301. Fixed shantay pass bugs it now works great
302. Added all options for shantay pass seller
303. Made chaos druids walk
304. Fixed some npc bugs
305. Added monkey bars
306. Fixed doric's quest dialogues
307. Added trapdoors handler just add object ids to add more
308. You can't teleport when you hit 0 hp now
309. Added al kharid guard spawns
310. Added al kharid dialogues for the gate
311. Redid gates class again
312. Updated packaging
313. Gates system updated now should be perfect just need to find all gates if there are any missing
314. Fixed more object bugs
315. Converted wildy warning from process to walking packet
316. Fixed walking bug where you could not walk at all
317. Added message whether or not you have a bank pin when you login
318. Cleaned out process and replace it with tasks
319. Updated mutes
320. Fixed more bugs with objects and other things
321. Changed max ips that can connect from one house to 4 so multiple people can play at one time.
322. Fixed bug that would not move interfaces away if you weren't using them
323. Updated cache downloader. Client wont let you play if you are on a out-date client, or out-date cache, + will download new automatically.
324. Added Forum Integration (forum account required to play + login with your forum login details) (website + server)
325. Fixed recovery system with recovery questions + pending recovery status + password change if its accepted, (website)
326. Added automatic bug/fault report system (website)
327. Added donation page (website)
328. Added current staff page (website)
329. started on offense system page (website)
330. Fixed bugs in the admin panel (website)
331. Added alot of forums (website)
332. Redid actionhandler class now it's objectactions and npcactions
333. Started on fishing
334. Worked on server packaging more
335. Fixed some bugs
336. Updated desert class
337. Added members only benefits (Not something that's ridiculous like partyhat start).
338. Added resetting combat stats that are 10 and under if you are a member.
339. Added 100 bank slots for non members and 352 bank slots for members
340. Updated quest handling added members and non members packaging for quests and different classes
341. Added global drops
342. Added perfect sailing
343. Updated sailing now 99.9 % just missing a couple npcs which i'm about to add 
344. Added more npc spawns for sailing
345. Added requirment of membership for gates
346. Updated shantay pass seller added 3 options
347. Fixed al kharid gate bug
348. Fixed shops bug
349. Fixed dialogue/interface bug
350. Updated shantay pass it teleported you across the world fixed that
351. Added option to enable and disable members areas
352. Current members features added as of now = Members commands like reset stats under 10, Bank space of 352, Ancients magic book, Simple BBcode such as Bold, Italics, and Underline, will get 200 friends on their friends list will non members will get 100 friends, in the future probably certain quest but for now quests are for both f2p and p2p, member only forum section, member only worlds in the future
353. Fixed some more bugs
354. Made spawn command say what itemid you spawned and the amount.
355. Started working on castlewars
356. Fixed some bugs for castle wars
357. Added more things to castlewars and it should be around 85 % now just needs some more work done and it will be perfect soon.
358. Fixed flashing interface castle wars
359. Added things to tables castle wars
360. Fixed messed up staircase castle wars
361. Started on castlewars underground
362. Added some small updates for tutorial island
363. Started working on smithing and smelting
364. Finished smithing
365. Fixed some bugs
366. Update firemaking
367. Updated woodcutting
368. Update gates
369. Fixed command bug
370. Updated fletching
371. Updated fletching again fixed freezing bug and added proper names for the fletching interface
372. Updated thieving added more npcs, stunnings, and fixed some other bugs
373. Fixed cooking bug
374. If you walk away your bank closes now
375. Updated herblore
376. Fixed lots of bugs
377. Fixed thieving bug
378. Fixed sailing bug
379. Fixed some woodcutting bugs
380. Fixed some stairs
381. Fixed a thieiving bug
382. Updated trapdoors
383. Added gnome glider dialouges
384. Updated dialouges
385. Updated ladders/trapdoor class
386. Fixed lots of object bugs
387. Made thieving npcs stun you
388. Made dialogues close when you walk
389. Fixed sailing from port sarim and back
390. Fixed report abuse interface added 13th rule
391. Added fight pits
392. Update fight pits allowed players to fight each other now
393. Made it so in castle wars and fight pits you don't have to wear 4 items to attack players
394. Added pestcontrol
395. Fixed some more pest control bugs
396. Started working on fixing more things for pestcontrol added void knight to pest control and portals spawns.
397. Fixed gates in pest control made them move you to correct area
398. Made void knight randomly send different chats
399. Added dialogues for winning, losing, and failing to participate enough for pest control.
400. Made it so if you logout of the pestcontrol game or boat you get moved outside of the boat.
401. Added proper defence formula for portals for pest control
402. Added pest control monsters like shifter, brawler, etc...
403. Made pest control npcs agressive
404. Fixed some gates in pest control that still weren't opening
405. Made void knight have health in pest control
406. Made pest multi
407. Added fishing
408. Fixed some fishing bugs: Stop fishing if you walk away from the spot, added message if you start fishing, made it so you don't fish until your full but you fish a random amount.
409. Added luthas the guy that pays 30 gp for bannanas
410. Fixed amulet of glory/games necklace they were teleing to wrong places
411. Added some gates that didn't work in karamja
412. Fixed a bug with clicking actions that disabled everything that had 4 options
413. Added npc transforming mask and transforming sheep
414. Repackaged combat system to melee, magic, range and npcs and normal
415. Update isaggressive method if npc is in wild or is a magic only npc it is aggressive
416. Added methods for things like npc can't kill you, npc can't attack you, npc doesn't give exp.
417. Fixed some combat bugs were npcs would disconnected you combat has improved a lot now
418. Redid special attack handling
419. Added all weapon specials
420. Added party pete dialogues
421. Added class for all type of obleisks air, water, fire, earth, etc..
422. Added music ingame
423. Added sounds needs works but soon will be finished
424. Changed client background to 2006redone
425. Updated holiday droping system
426. Slayer is almost finished now
427. Fixed update cache
428. Added npc defintions
429. Added ladder down to dwarf mines in falador
430. Added latter up to falador from dwarf mines
431. Added Closing all windows in walking packet
432. Removed all dead code off the source (Unused imports, code that was not used for anything lol)
433. Removed classes that weren't being used just to clean up some more code
434. Updated and cleaned random event system more realistic now
435. Added tree spirit random event
436. Added river troll random event
437. Started cleaning up bad packaging
438. Updated woodcutting skill (Bugs)
439. Update fishing skill (Bugs)
440. Repackaged food into one package (Consumables package)
441. Converted all cycle events to tasks
442. Added all guilds 100 % (My system)
443. Cleaned up ladder system and added more ladders
444. Added all bank booths/bank chests
445. Revamped quest system and cleaned it up
446. Source should be a lot better packaged now and moved files to the correct folders.
447. Added gates handler with lots of configured gates
448. Added special objects handler added shantay gates and al kharid
449. Added desert warning
450. Added a couple gnome glider checks (Can't fly from the same place your at, can't fly to places that don't exist, and can't fly to places that haven't been added yet).
451. Added all types of bird nest drops
452. Added check to make sure you don't say your password out loud in chat
453. Added check to make sure you don't say your password in private message
454. Added warning message to say that your muted when you are muted so you know
455. Made it so that admins + can't get muted
456. Cleaned up holidays class
457. Added better dropping formula for holidays class
458. Added changing server version in config class
459. Repacked trade and duel added on class for trading and one class for dueling
460. Added closing bank if you walk
461. Fixed fishing not stopping after you stop fishing
462. Add new herblore skill removed old shitty herblore system (Credits to someone that I cannot rememeber their name from rune-server).
463. Cleaned up skillhandler and more methods and cleaned up old ones
464. Repackaged objects folder (with objects content and just normal objects)
465. Update firemaking skill fixed some bugs
466. Added itemclick2ongrounditem packet basically you can do stuff like light logs on the ground
467. Added membership handler
468. Added the following commands for admins, run, givemembership, sendhome, giverank, removerank
469. Update random events system made it more realistic and added commands for checking and making random events
470. Fixed commands that didn't allow for spaces in names
471. Removed old tutorial island base added new start of one that is easy for expansion
472. Changed respawn point to tutorial island
473. Added no private messages in tutorial island unless you are an admin +
474. Added no chatting in tutorial island unless you are an admin +
475. Added respawning in tutorial in if you die in tutorial island
476. Added no teleporting from tutorial island
477. Added fishing enchanted lyre randomly
478. Added enchanted lyre teleporting you to releka
479. Added some useful methods like get total amount of wealth for you inventory, get total wealth for your equipment, and get total wealth for combined, also added method for checking for your total amount of gp.
480. Removed the shitty flower code from process
482. Added 2 more methods addordropitem method (If your inv is full it goes on ground), and freeslots method
482. Added cooking bread for tutorial island
483. Added enabling and disabling tutorial island
484. Made it so admins can teleport for tutorial island
485. Added default end stage of tutorial island of 66 may be changed later after it's finished
486. Added saving for tutorial progress in tutorial island
487. Updated switching tutorial island on and off
488. Added runescape starter
489. Updated desert if you have desert robes it reduces the amount you get hit
490. Added very easy way to backup server by command and will maybe make it automatic in the future
491. Added no random events in tutorial island
492. Added commands ::outfit (Changes outfit) and ::players (Player Count) for regular players.
493. Changed server exp rate to 1.5x and donators to 1.7x we can have a poll later if it needs to be changed.
494. Added checking for if you have a starter or not.
495. Fixed itemclick2ongrounditem packet (For clicking things like logs on the ground and lighting them) it should now work.
496. Fixed sidebars not sending glitch.
497. Al kharid gate works now fully with dialogues
498. Fixed selling items to stores
499. Fixed quest bug kicking players
500. Added proper food eating delay
501. Added proper potion delay
502. Added working anti fire potions
503. Updated bank booths added use quickly and just normal use that sends dialogue
504. Fixed master farmer double spawn @ Draynor
505. Added Grum's gold exchange in Port Sarim
506. Fixed banker faces when using bank booths
507. Added Harry's fishing shop
508. Updated Hickton's shop added correct items and amounts
509. Added flax spinning
510. Fixed flax spinning experience rate
511. Fixed staircase not working at Camelot Castle
512. Fixed staircase bug distance in Camelot
513. Fixed object glitch at varrock that was interfering with camelot
514. Patched all of object bugs in camelot and hopefully all in Varrock. (Will double check)
515. Updated Luthas (Collects bananas) he now saves even if you logout, gives the correct reward, has no glitches, and has dialogues.
516. Fixed a couple more bugs with Luthas now it should be bugless for sure :).
517. Added Saniboch with dialogues for entering the Brimhaven dungeon
518. Added pay quickly option and fixed dialogue bugs for Saniboch
519. Fixed object distance for entering door for Brimhaven dungeon
520. Added all vines and objects to Brimhaven dungeon (Credits to Genesis)
521. Removed old shitty ground items handler will add new one later
522. Fixed the 10 second logout delay and rollback when logging out
523. Fixed very big bug where all npcs had unlimited hitpoints
524. Fixed pets attacking their owners
525. Added brand new dialogue system much better than the old one
526. Added dialogues for around 20 npcs so far and for 3 quests will add the rest of the quests later
527. Fixed all bugs with dialogue system that I could find seems to be working fine just need to finish adding dialogues
528. Added man and saniboch's dialogues to the new dialogue system
529. Added aubury teleporting to rune essence
530. Added working portals to teleport you back to aubury from rune essence
531. Added dialogues to bank booths for first click object
532. Added dialogues for sailing for npcs and objects
533. Added 10 + more dialogues to lots of different npcs and objects
534. Fixed bug that was not allowing you to end dialogues and continue dialogues
535. Added Shantay's shop that sells shantay passes
536. Added random kill messages
537. Added castle wars kills and deaths
538. Fixed Woodcutting task exception bug
539. Added all dialogues for pirates treasure to the new dialogue system
540. Fixed crate in pirates treasure made it give you 10 bannanas and the bottle of rum
541. Fixed cooks assistant dialogue bug
542. Fixed some more pirates treasure bugs (Saving, dialogues, etc..)
543. Added Karamja beer store
544. Fixed dialogue bug for objects should work fine now
545. Added custom officer to sail you back to port sarim with dialogues at karamja
546. Fixed options not working with banker dialogues
547. Added all dialogues for restless ghost to the new dialogue system
548. Finished adding restless ghost quest should be 100 % bug free
549. Cleaned up a lot of the dialogue handler code should be a lot cleaner now and easier to add dialogues
550. Fixed dialogue bug that messed up some npcs
551. Added all of romeo and juliet dialogues to the new dialogue system
552. Fixed all romeo and juliet bugs
553. Added working doors to juliets house or w.e. you call it and staircase
554. Added sheep shearer quest to new dialogue system
555. Fixed all sheep shearer bugs
556. Fixed vine glitch that was interfering with gates
557. Added working gate in front of freds house and working door
558. Fixed some dialogues bugs with sheep shearer
559. Added all of wizards potion dialogues
560. Fixed all wizard potion quest bugs
561. Fixed a dialogue bugs where you couldn't come back and talk to the npc
562. All 11 quests that are added as of now should be glitch free now
563. Fixed sailing npc heads not showing and gangplanks not working
564. Fixed starter bug giving it to you every time
565. Fixed tutorial island message bug
566. Fixed all doors on tutorial island
567. Added all working ladders on tutorial island
568. Julian: added members only worlds option
569. Julian: check's if you're member upon login
570. Julian: if you're not member in a members only world you will read in the client that you must be a member
571. Updated starters added if tutorial island is enabled you auto get starter on the last stage and it saves so you won't get one again and if tutorial island is disabled you will just get regular starter and won't get a starter again.
572. Added option to skip tutorial island
573. Manually got all dialouges the tutorial island dialogues by watching a video (Took forever) then converted them to dialouges on the source (Took even longer around 200 dialogues).
574. Julian: added one time message upon first login after you've brought membership
575. Started working on sidebars with tutorial added method to hide sidebars, and enable sidebars.
576. Added working planting flowers
577. Added all working gates in lumbridge and working fence shortcut
578. Fixed chances for getting bird nests and tree spirits you use to get them to often
579. Fixed some following process in the walking packet
580. Added all working stairs at tree gnome stronghold
581. Added all working ladders at tree gnome stronghold
582. Fixed all bugs for gnome stronghold agility course
583. Fixed spam clicking glitch on tree gnome agility course that you got stuck
584. Fixed bonus exp giving it to you even if you didn't complete the course on gnome stronghold course
585. Added working gates at combat training camp near ardougne
586. Added ogres to the correct spawns at combat training camp
587. Fixed heckel fenches (Cook that has a shop) location he was spawned in some random location moved him back to the stronghold
588. Made ogres aggressive
589. Fixed npcs not being aggressive bug
590. Added working ladders at tree gnome stronghold maze or w.e. you call it
591. Added working gates at tree gnome stronhold maze or w.e. you call it so you can access spirit tree
592. Fixed ladder that teleported you randomly to castle wars
593. Added animation and message for squeezing through loose railing and fixed click object distance and made it move to the correct area
594. Added working spirit tree to travel to tree gnome strong hold and tree gnome village
595. Added spirit tree animation
596. Added perfect spirit tree with all locations
597. Added recharging prayer at ape atoll at the prayer altar
598. Fixed ladder in ape atoll that randomly teleported you into a black abyss
599. Fixed firemaking logs not lighting bug
600. Added ashes to firemaking logs
601. Fixed gnome glider bug all locations now work with him
602. Added silk trader in al kharid to sell silk
603. Fixed yet another firemaking console error
604. Added 2x exp rate normal players and 2.2x donators may be changed?
605. Fixed chatting not showing up for other players (Julian) added no getting muted for admin + (Me)
606. Added 3 second delay for opening and closing single doors
607. Added 3 second delay for opening and closing double doors
608. Added more working gates
609. Added all working doors in lumby
610. Fixed some gate bugs more gates should be working properly now
611. Fixed chats not ending bug
612. Added slayer skill! 
613. Added slayer dialogues
614. Added slayer shop
615. Added enchanted gem
616. Added saving for slayer variables
617. Fixed enchanted gem freezing client
618. Added more working gates in varrock
619. Fixed clothes store bug replaced noted items with normal
620. Added checking to see if you are a monkey or not on the ape atoll agility course
621. Added working bamboo gate enterance at ape atoll
622. Added more monkey archers spawns at ape atoll
623. fixed ape atoll npc bug added monkey arches to correct locations with correct npc
624. fixed another gate that didn't work at ape atoll
625. cleaned up quest handler went from 4 classes to 2
626. fixed more slayer bugs added fully functional canceling your task and removing your task forever
627. added finding the location of your current slayer task
628. fixed slayer master dialogues where it wouldn't say the slayer masters name but just slayer master
629. fixed bug that didn't allow you to sell stuff to stores that weren't located in the store.
630. updated fishing made it stop if you walk away
631. added correct timers to fish for fishing
632. updated tanning hides now charges correct amount for each hide instead of 20 gp only
633. fixed bug that wasn't allowing you to fight your slayer task
634. added hair dresser to change hair styles
635. added hair dresser spawn and fixed run exception error with npc spawns
636. fixed hair dresses dialogue options not working
637. added the rest of gates in lumbridge
638. Added 20 global drops around the world
639. Fixed the get weapon name saying -2 instead of unarmed when you didn't have a weapon (Mod Ryley)
640. Re organized server and client (Mod Ryley)
641. Added saving character ip on first login (Mod Ryley)
642. Added shade random event you can get it randomly when burying bones
643. Removed unused code/classes (Mod Ryley)
644. Added Bob's Brilliant Axes dialogues for first click and second click
645. Updated prayer skill fixed run cmd error when burying bones
646. Removed getting other random events other than shade and zombie from prayer
647. Added correct rs prayer exp rates
648. Added message of what bone you bury for prayer and added disabling and enabling prayer
649. Added Aggie she sells dyes: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Aggie
650. Fixed bug with chat not ending with aggie
651. Fixed bug that allowed doors to move to the wrong locations when opening and closing them if you spam clicked them
652. Added more working all working gates in draynor
653. Added working staircase at wise old mans house in draynor
654. Fixed another bug with aggie added proper requirements to make dyes and fixed a dialogue bug with aggie
655. Added the rest of the staircases in draynor and fixed a staircase in draynor that wa interfering with a varrock staircase
656. Added working staircase and master crafter at crafting guild
657. Added dialogues for master crafter and made master crafter walk
658. Added working gates in edgeville
659. Added another working door in edgeville
660. Fixed oziachs store removed rune platebody so noone can buy it unfairly until dragon slayer comes out
661. Fixed climbing up and down trapdoors message previously it said null
662. Fixed some more doors in lumbridge
663. Fixed bug global drops now show up and fixed global drops that were in incorrect spots
664. Fixed respawn point you now respawn in lumbridge until tutorial island is finished
665. Fixed wilderness warning it now only shows up if you walk in to the wilderness and now when you login to the wild
666. Fixed door to small house that teleports you to lost city
667. Fixed two trapdoors that took you to the wrong location
668. Fixed gate in taverly dungeon
669. Fixed bug where it would tell you a random location of your slayer task if you didn't have one
670. Added fremennik slayer dungeon
671. Added full weight system
672. Added 100 % running with the weight system
673. Fixed bug where you could use a trapdoor through a wall
674. Fixed bug where your energy sometimes goes below 0 %
675. Fixed bug where if you logged in with walk on you would start running
676. Fixed agility pipe in edgeville dungeon
677. Fixed dialogue for slayer master added option to open shop
678. Added near perfect enchanted gem
679. Fixed all enchanted gem bugs 100 % like runescape now
680. Added wistan the burthrope supplies store
681. Rewrote shops system added dialogue with all first click npcs
682. Fixed a couple bugs with shops should be 100 % now
683. Added better drop system which allows us to handle drops easier
684. Added drops for man, dwarf, mossgiant, goblin, lesser demon, greater demon, guard, ice warrior, ice giant, hob goblin, pirate, zombie, skeleton, hill giant, deadly red spider, rat, cow, chicken, imp, dark wizard
685. Added aggressive wild dogs to brimhaven dungeon
686. Fixed moss giants not dropping bug
687. Fixed staircase in brimhaven dungeon
688. Added walking for some npcs that were standing still
689. Fixed greater demon drops
690. Added rock crab drops
691. Added king black dragon, blue dragon, green dragon drops
692. A Added kalaphite worker, soldier, guard, queen drops
693. Added kalaphite queen drops
694. Added better herblore skill main credits to: L_A
695. Added wild dog drops
696. Fixed bug where npcs wouldn't drop correct amounts of items
697. Added bats/giant bats drops
698. Added bronze dragon/black dragon drops
699. Added iron/steel dragon drops
700. Added crawling hand drops/fixed their spawns
701. Created abstractions for new agility base.
702. Stopped packets from buffering in the Player Assistant.
703. Created Packet Dispatcher which only calls packets when needed.
704. Removed most packets that where located in the Player Assistant.
705. Finished Named Packets.
706. Start fine polishing the Skill Guides.
707. Removed some dead code.
708. Cleaned out server sided client.
709. Cleaned up Mina network and conducted Library updates as needed.
710. Formatted and Organized entire source based on java conventions.
711. Added more banshee spawns
712. Added banshee drops
713. Added infernal mage drops
714. Added bloodveld drops
715. Added dust devil drops
716. Fixed dust devil not dropping anything and added correct amount of dust devil spawns
717. Added gargoyle drops
718. Decreased dragon chaindrop rate it's more like rs now
719. Adjusted drop rates, added always, common, uncommon, rare, very rare and made the rates as close as possible to runescape
720. Added nechryael drops
721. Added abyssal demon drops
722. Added ladders/stairs at ape atoll monkey guard building
723. Changed ape atoll teleport to correct place
724. Added support for height in the city teleport class
725. Added monkey guards drops
726. Added bandits drops
727. Added walking for monkey guards + made their spawns more accurate to real rs
728. Added level 74 + 56 bandits at bandit camp
729. Added working doors + walking bandits at bandit camp
730. Added swarm random event
731. Added frog random event
732. Cleaned up all random events should be a lot cleaner conventionally.
733. Added dagannoth prime drops
734. Added dagannoth supreme drops
735. Added dagannoth rex drops
736. Added chaos elemental drops
737. Added giant mole drops
738. Added working double doors in falador + lumby castle
739. Added working ladders/stairs + single doors in falador
740. Added dagannoth drops
741. Added constant drops for all npcs
742. Added elf warrior drops
743. Added baby blue dragon drops
744. Added 75 % drop rate for chickens
745. Cleaned up packets and repackaged them
746. Fixed all unworking objects in lumbridge ex:doors
747. Cleaned up the quest handler and the quests to make them run a bit smoother
748. Added packet dispatcher cleaned up client and playerassistant a lot
749. Added working use quicly for ladders/stairs
750. Added all deposit boxes/bank booths/bank chests
751. Added rfd chest for people with 10 quest points (Only temporary until we finish rfd)
752. Fixed bug where second click object would take priority over third click object
753. Added fully working stairs/ladders for fally castle
754. Added walking for npcs at white knight caslte and for tzharrs
755. Fixed npcs not dropping correct amount of items
756. Added checks to make sure you can't use bank in wilderness
757. Correct grammer for a couple random death messages
758. Added turoth drops
759. Added abberant spectre drops
760. Added earth warrior drops
761. Fixed a bug where npcs were assigned in slayer that didn't exist
762. Added pyre fiend drops
763. Added kurask drops
764. Added rockslug drops
765. Added jelly drops
766. Added black demon drops now have 100 % drops for all slayer monsters
767. Fixed dust devil and banshee causing random dc
768. Added highwayman drops
769. Cleaned up server even more sorted rest of packets in packetdispatcher
770. Fixed lagg if you accidentaly type in wrong username/password
771. In multi areas added multi sprite icon
772. Added enter to login
773. Added option to do k/m/b when trading, staking, and banking
774. Fixed dc error if you tried to withraw over max value of cash
775. Added proper formating for items when examining them commas in the correct places
776. Added quick reply option to private messages for convience
777. Added multi platformed cache dir
778. Added tutorial island progress interface packet
779. Renamed Config to Constants and cleaned up the class a bit
780. Added some packets for sidebars for tutorial island
781 Made your charcter spawn in the spot where you finish tutorial island when you start the game
782. Added a dialogue for when you start and the change your look interface
783. Added frog token exchange you can exchange for frog mask or prince princess outfit
784. Added gender checking when exchanging frog tokens
785. Fixed shop that was selling a noted instead of a unoted item
786. Fixed a few dialogues that weren't working
787. Updated frog random event near perfect now added failing and spawning frogs by gender
788. Fixed animation bug, dupe bug, and dialouge bug with frog class
789. Fixed random teleportation bug with frog random and dialogue not ending bug
790. Added whirlpool random
791. Fixed attack/death animations for rock golem, river troll, tree spirit
792. Added searching in hay to find a needle and chance of getting hurt
793. Fixed bugs with cooking/fishing/woodcutting
794. Fixed a lot of tutorial island dialogues
795. Fixed a lot of tutorial island objects
796. Added some tutorial island npcs that were missing
797. Fixed emote bug where the wrong emote would happen
798. Added only login side bar enabled when you start tutorial island then you get more as you advance
799. Added option to enable/disable tutorial island
800. Made it so you can't die or teleport and leave tutorial island
801. A couple dialouges now check and say if your a male/female
802. If you die on tutorial island you respawn back at the begining but will be able to skip through the dialouges
803 Fixed range skill interface
804 Fixed all whirlpool random bugs
805. Added check to make sure only get starter once
806. Added option to skip tutorial island
807. Fixed progress saving issue with tutorial island
808. Fixed bug when skipping tutorial island now sidebars are enabled once you skip
809. Added level 3 cap for training at tutorial island
810. Fixed dialogue glitching if you decided to stay and do tutorial island
811. Fixed fishing bug where tutorial island fishing dialogue would show up every time
812. Added fully working cache downloader
813. Fixed some gates in lumbridge
814. Added sheep shearing - Credits to get on mehh for sharing the code
815. Added flax + wool spinning
816. Added flashing sidebar icons on tutorial island
817. Added flashing head icon on top of npc heads on tutorial island
818. Added food eating sounds
819. Added teleporting sounds/cooking sounds and a couple more sounds
820. Fixed duel arena timer
821. Fixed duel arena not respawning you if you win
822. Fixed not being able to duel with someone unless you are right next to them bug
823. Fixed the remaining dueling bugs I could find
824. Added sounds for cooking, mining, prayer, leveling up, item dropping, item picking up
825. Added command for playing sounds and songs
826. Added sounds for firemaking, prospecting, runecrafting
827. Fixed prayer exp rates
828. Fixed firemaking lighting logs in bank method bug
829. Added npc facing
830. Fixed facing for edgeville and varrock bankers
831. Fixed multiple bankers that were spawned in varrock
832. Added dataon command for developers
833. Added fully working cache downloader
834. Fixed some gates in lumbridge
835. Added sheep shearing - Credits to get on mehh for sharing the code
836. Added flax + wool spinning
837. Added flashing sidebar icons on tutorial island
838. Added flashing head icon on top of npc heads on tutorial island
839. Added food eating sounds
840. Added teleporting sounds/cooking sounds and a couple more sounds
841. Fixed duel arena timer
842. Fixed duel arena not respawning you if you win
843. Fixed not being able to duel with someone unless you are right next to them bug
844. Fixed the remaining dueling bugs I could find
845. Added sounds for cooking, mining, prayer, leveling up, item dropping, item picking up
846. Added command for playing sounds and songs
847. Added sounds for firemaking, prospecting, runecrafting
848. Fixed prayer exp rates
849. Fixed firemaking lighting logs in bank method bug
850. Added npc facing
851. Fixed facing for edgeville and varrock bankers
852. Fixed multiple bankers that were spawned in varrock
853. Added dataon command for developers
853. Added dataon command for developers
854. Fixed banking npcs not spawning bug
855. Fixed npc facing for draynor bankers and al kharid bankers
856. Fixed npc facing for falador bankers and varrock bankers
857. Added rising sun inn bar in falador 100 % like runescape http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Rising_Sun_Inn
858. Patched up bug with falador bar that made it that you didn't have to pay coins
859. Re added camelot teleport fixed height bug
860. Added banker spawns for ardounge north west
861. Fixed npc facing for ardougne bankers northwest and south west
862. Added perfect 100 % runescape fishing spots
863. Fixed any double fishing spots or any missing ones
864. Added message that tells you when you've unlock a song
865. Added low alch and high alch sounds
866. Fixed tutorial island logging out and back in bug and also no fishing spot bug
867. Fixed headicon for tutorial island fishing spot points at correct area now
868. Fixed mining for tutorial island
869. Added no randoms on tutorial island
870. Fixed smithing on tutorial island works fine now
871. Fixed smelting on tutorial island
872. Added a couple dialogues that were missing to tutorial island
873. Fixed door to prayer monks on tutorial island
874. Fixed being able to repeat dialouge with mage and get lots of runes
875. Added chicken spawns so you can finish tutorial island
876. Fixed desert heat glitch you are no longer affected by desert heat in tutorial island
877. Added 100 % desert cactus if you succeed to cut it you get 10xp if you fail you get 1xp http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Cactus
878. Fixed bug so now you can't smuggle items from tutorial island
879. Fixed a couple random events that you could still get on tutorial island
880. Updated birds nests added random rewards and message that tells you what you got
881. Added dead trees to woodcutting
882. Fixed woodcutting events bug
883. Replaced the client logo with 2006redone
884. Fixed random actions buttons playing music glitch
885. Fixed private chat mode not changing to friends and off when clicking on it
886. Fixed song unvaiable at this time bug
887. Fixed glitch where you could get 2 ore at once on tutorial island
888. Renamed the runescape guide to 2006Redone Guide on tutorial island
889. Fixed gate on tutorial island that allowed you to skip a step
890. Added pickable sounds and emptying item sounds
891. Added gem cutting sounds and web slashing sounds
892. Cleaned up dialogues a bit and fixed dialogues not ending glitch
893. Added gate opening sound
894. Fixed global drops bug that dropped x2 of that drop at the same time
895. Fixed searching hay causing a null pointer
896. Fixed if you click on an object really fast it brings you to a deep dark abyss
897. Fixed ladder that let you skip a step on tutorial island
898. Fixed flashing head icon not flashing on fishing tutor on one of the steps
899. Fixed a couple more ladders that would let you go back and cheat on tutorial island and ones that would let you skip steps on tutorial island
900. Fixed red minimap glitch in some dungeons
901. Fixed some gates that weren't working
902. Fixed a dialogue that was glitched on tutorial island
903. Fixed another head icon that was glitched they should all be good now 
904. Fixed tutorial island dialogue showing hans instead of survival expert
905. Made it so you can only mage the chickens at the end of tutorial island and not range
906. Fixed not being able to finish tutorial island bug
907. Fixed tutorial island changing gender interface closing bug
908. Fixed npcs having very big heads in dialogues
909. Fixed tutorial island respawning you in lumby if you died
910. Added giant rat attack/death animations
911. Fixed tutorial island dialogue glitch if you die on tutorial island
912. Added ducks in the lumbridge lake
913. Fixed not being able to use objects if your weren't a player mod or higher glitch
914. Fixed kill messages saying null sometimes
915. Fixed duck death animations
916. Added achey trees to woodcutting
917. Added perfect ogre arrow shaft formula http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ogre_arrow_shafts
918. Added making flighted arrows by using 4 feathers on ogre arrow shafts http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Flighted_ogre_arrow
919. Added making ogre arrows http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ogre_arrows
920. Added making wolfbone arrowtips http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Wolfbone_arrowtips
921. Fixed making ogre arrows not giving correct amounts
922. Fixed bugs with wolf bone arrow tips now check for remainder and make correct amounts
923. removed old grinding system and added a new one
924. Fixed a couple grinding bugs
925. Added pestle and mortar sound
926. Fixed a falador banker that was incorrectly placed
927. Fixed stairs for rising inn bar now go up and down correctly
928. Added drunken man on the top floor of the rising sun inn with correct stats
929. Added the drunken mans drops
930. Added thieving for drunken man
931. Fixed man/drunken man drops
932. Fixed not being able to attack drunken man added them to db
939. Fixed not being able to attack bandits added them to db
940. Made bandits aggressive based on if you had god items or not
941. Cleaned up aggressive boolean with arrays
942. Fixed tutorial island glitch if you restart the tutorial
943. Fixed mining on tutorial island added check to make sure you mine the right rock
944. Fixed smithing on tutorial island allowed you to use the ore on the furnace
945. Fixed fight pits not respawning in correct area when you die
946. Fixed clickobject packet not working
947. Fixed falador stairs object distance offset
948. Fixed castle wars portals not working
949. Added check to make sure you don't use objects if you are too far away and when you are teleporting
950. Fixed lumbridge trapdoor freezing you when using it
951. Added pest control wait timer, player needed, pest control points
952. Added pest control ingame timer, pc damage done, and knight health
953. If you logout from pest control boat/game you are moved back to the main pest control area
954. Fixed pest control information not processing
955. Added pest control bankers
956. Fixed pest control second click bank not working
957. Fixed squire sailing you to a random place
958. Added pestcontrol mage store, range store, and general store with correct npcs
959. Fixed some npcs dialogue names saying "nothing" instead of their actual name
Okay, you can link it.

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Website changelog by our website developer Dondxon:

[SPOILER=Changelog of the website]Changes for the website:
more than 70 changes!
1. Started website (by buying the domain ofcourse)
2. Downloaded + installed bootstrap
3. Added decent homepage
4. Added TOS / Rules if you want to enter the community
5. Added live server status to the homepage
6. Installed SMF 2.3.4
7. Added category's and boards
8. Added usergroups
9. Added and changed all permissions
10. Downloaded a decent theme
11. Adjusted theme, by width of the forums
12. Added member id in memberlist near member's post count
12. Added auto-donation system
13. Added Thank system
14. Added portal
15. Added modules/blocks to portal
16. Added rules to registering (names start with mod arent alowed and u must have at least 4 characters / no special signs)
17. Added youtube bb code for the forums
18. Added appeal a mute system
19. Added bugreport system
20. Added code of conduct
21. Added download page for client
22. Added ingame screenshots page
23. Added IRC chat
24. Added Worldselecter
25. Added Webclient page
26. Added new logo
27. Added twitter feed to homepage + tweets also appear on facebook
28. Added youtube channel and twitter channel
29. Added session integration to non-smf pages
30. Added a new htaccess so people automatically load the landing/homepage with www. in front of the url so it loads the session from the forums.
31. Added a requirement for people to use firefox or google chrome to browse the landing, IE wont be accepted.
32. Added AMP (Account management panel)
33. Added forum stats into AMP
34. Added login on the landing
35. Added login with return url to the page where they were
35. Added search option on the homepage
36. Added a new messages system that only staff can use to inform players
37. Added a contact page
38. Added a system you can use to request your inbox to be cleaned from the messages youve received from the staff by the messages system
39. Added a refund system that if your hacked you can submit a refund request
40. Added a page that only shows the unread messages received from staffmembers
41. Added a option that you can mark messages as read that youve received from staffmembers
42. Added a page that shows all the messages youve received in the past, so you can find the messages back youve marked as read
43. Added page for staff that they can browse through the database and view all the messages that are sent
44. Added a option that you can delete messages out the database without enterin the database by myphpadmin for staff only
45. Added a option that you can set people's unread messages to more and to less for staff only (sort of poke for staff)
46. Added a option that you can reset someone's ammount of unread messages (for staff)
47. Added a option that you can check howmany unread messages he has (for staff)
48. Added a option where you can delete messages send by staff by enterin it's id (for staff)
49. Added a option where you can look up messages by enterin its ip (for staff)
50. Added a vote page
51. Added a form where you can submit technical issues
52. Added a logout option on the landing
53. Started integration project
54. Added password integration (server loads player's password out of database)
55. Added playerrights integration (server loads id_group out of database and bound it to a playerright)
56. Added unread messages from staff integration (reads howmany unread messages you have from staffmembers and will notify you ingame if you have some)
57. Added mute integration (will mute you ingame if you mute someone on the website)
58. Added ban integration (will be banned ingame when is banned on the forums)
59. Added ipban integration (will be ipbanned from server when is ipbanned from forums)
60. Added news out of some boards appear on the landing
61. Added shoutbox on the forums
62. Added voting system
63. Added voting layout
64. Added database for voting system
65. Added total counts of everyone who votes
66. Added personal count of people who vote
67. Added voting inside the soruce
68. Added rewards in the source
69. Added rewards in the voting system
70. Added connection between database with votes and server
71. Added new subboard in the forums 'developers media'
72. Added fully working voting system with callbacks
73. Added new layout for messages system
74. Added worldselecter
75. Added webclient page
76. Added become a moderator system

If you would like the website link send me a pm for it. Edited by mr extremez

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Most original project ever

Goodluck anyways :)

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[quote name='Julesmk'][img]http://static2.fjcdn.com/thumbnails/comments/I+disagree+OP+you+nigger.+Drug-fueled+lesbian+sex+_d108d9e37f8d725b4223ae0992078b9f.png[/img]

Most original project ever

Goodluck anyways :)[/QUOTE]Thanks :).

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Apparently I can not pm, but it is looking great so far and I would love to be a part of it :)

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[quote name='Skyle']Apparently I can not pm, but it is looking great so far and I would love to be a part of it :)[/QUOTE]
Thank you :). You need 5 posts to private message so I pm'd you.

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[quote name='Nighthawk123']looks nice[/QUOTE]
Thanks :)

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[quote name='mr extremez']Thanks :)[/QUOTE]

You're welcome

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Updated pictures and got website link approved!

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