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Starter Pack v2


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So I've been working on updating the starterpack so it's a little more noob friendly.

Here are the changes I've made.

  1. I've made the compiler + run files work flawlessly. No updating from the user needed at all. Only requirement is that they download JDK before use.
  2. I've tweaked crafting (To make it a little more like real rs)
  3. I've completely added Herblore. It's at 100% (If you don't count potion drinking. Which some potions work ((kinda)) but most don't when the drink option is used)
  4. I've completely added Woodcutting. It is slightly buggy but hey, it's an amazing base.
  5. I've added 95%+ of the NPCs from real RS into the game with their correct spawn points and walking patterns.
  6. I've added multiple, original shops.
  7. I've completely revamped Lumbridge. There still lacks dialogues, a couple doors and world item spawns (Like the bronze picaxe found atop of the castle archway). But it does have Bob's axe shop and the General store 100% replicated form origional RS.
  8. I've added a crappy Firemaking base. But hey... it's a start for people.
  9. I've tweaked some of the spellbook custom teles from the original release of RL Starterpack
  10. I've made the newcomer's map work.
  11. I've made experience lamps work as well. The item "lamp" gives the player's level * 10 xp in the chosen skill. The item "antique lamp" gives the player's level * 50 in the chosen skill. The item "gamer book" gives the player's level * 500 in the chosen skill.
  12. I've started tutorial island (It's just the very start of it. Like maybe 5% of it I've done.)
  13. I've also made the Report Abuse button nearly work. It just doesn't recognize the person who was reported last 60 seconds of chat.
  14. I've added a few skill guide menus. But haven't worked much on those. Just the first five skills of the first column have been worked on.
  15. I've added an ability that if the player's Herblore skill is equal to or higher than level 20, you can use a Pestle and Mortar on a gold bar to crush it into 1000 gold pieces.
  16. I've added a new client that is one .jar file and direct connects to the server (as far as I know, it has no bugs but could wield some if someone who is experienced in RSPS coding goes snooping through it.). So this new client is just one file and can be sent out to friends to direct connect to the server. I didn't make it my friend did. Credits go to him. His name is Canain.
  17. I've also added a few very helpful commands "::help", "::help2" and "::help3" which display all the commands within the server. They are seperated from Operator, Developer and Other commands. I've also added a few other commands such as ::char and ::bank.
  18. I've added fully working Mystery Boxes. They wield the following:
    • 21 rares
    • 80 antique lamps
    • 112 lamps
    • 63 gamer's books
    • ?? 1 pieces of gold
    • = ~453
    • 5% chance on a rare
    • 18% chance on a antique lamp
    • 25% chance on a lamp
    • 14% chance on gamer's book
    • ~38% chance on 1 piece of gold

Here's the link: http://www.4shared.com/rar/kMgcFe5r/StarterPack_v2.html


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[quote name='317 Delta Coder']The current starter pack that has been posted is an actual starter pack, if they wanted all of these they could have tried to do it on their own. Reason being a "Starter Pack".[/QUOTE]

Well what would you like to name it then? I've had quite the few requests for this. I just decided to call it a starterpack due to it's lack of content and gameplay.
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