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Project Legacy 317 l Nex l Dung l Double XP l Need Staff & Players!! l

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Homepage - [url=http://www.projectlegacy317.com]Project Legacy[/url]
Webclient - [url=http://www.projectlegacy317.com/webclient]Project Legacy 317 Webclient[/url]
Download - [url]www.projectlegacy317.com/download[/url]
Vote [url=http://www.projectlegacy317.com/vote]Project Legacy - Voting[/url]
Highscores - [url=http://www.projectlegacy317.com/highscores]Project Legacy[/url]

Owners: Drew & Austin


DROP PARTY AT 30 Players

Project Legacy is the most advanced 317 available with a 100% 719 GameFrame, featuring items from 700+ cache revisions, with Nex & other bosses, a very savvy interface for each teleport and more! Project Legacy is the ultimate choice whether your interest is in PvM, PvP, or Skilling! We are also looking for potential staff!

Join today in order to take advantage of our giveaway of a FREE VESTA'S LONGSWORD in every starter!

In order to make your experience the absolute best, we at Project Legacy guarantee:
•100% Uptime-We are VPS hosted in the land of the free, home of the brave, the United States of America with Windows Server 2008! It's unpatriotic to not give it a try!

•NO LAG-With 4 GB of RAM, 4 CPU Cores (8 Logical), & Unmetered Bandwidth, you'd be hard pressed to find a server that better suits your needs!

•Account Security-With a server this amazing, it would be devastating to lose all your work due to a rollback or crash that has nothing to do with you. Thankfully, we've thought of this. With automatic account saving, backups to the Cloud, RAID 1+0 (or RAID 10 , if you prefer), as well as bi-weekly manual backups, you KNOW your account is safe.

•Limited Annoyances-With a banning system based on UUIDs (Universally Unique Indentifiers), those pesky spammers are out of the question faster than you can say Project Legacy!

•Knowledgeable Staff & Constant Updates-With our extremely intelligent staff members and Developer, Drew, you know you are in safe hands. Coupled with our plethora of in-depth forum guides, you would have to be blind to be lost! Drew is an extremely talented programmer with college-level experience in Java, Python, MySQL, HTML, & PHP as well as being certified by Microsoft in Networking Essentials, Network Security, Windows XP/7, and Windows Server. Rest assured that any problems you have we will work tirelessly to solve. This is also no stagnant, leeched source that a 12 year-old with no experience just pressed run.bat and let it fly, no sirree, but an ever evolving masterpiece.

Other Amazing Features include, but are not limited to:
~Dominion Tower (Rewards include Dominion Weapons, Goliath/Spellcaster/Swift Gloves)
~New items such as Saradomin GWD Amulet's (Saradomin's Hiss, Saradomin's
~Squeal of Fortune
~Double XP Weekend, every weekend!
~Unique Milestone Cape System with message, capes, up to Completionist!
~100% Castle Wars
~A very user-friendly donation system
~24/7 Active Skilling, PvMing and PKing
~Active forums (Licensed IPBoard, no pirates here!)
~3 (and counting) unique quests
~Email Password Recovery System
~Optional Bank Pins
~Professional, Dedicated Staff (Although we are always looking for more qualified staff!)
~Daily Server Events
~Choice of Melee, Ranged, or Mage Starter Packages
~Stable economy, no economy-resets
~Amazing donator benefits (Instant Slayer Task, Magic book switch, Donor Zone)
~Vote for rewards
~100% working highscores for all 24 Skills
~TokHaar-Kal Cape, fight Jad
~All PvP items, chaotics, nex sets, corrupts
~All skills work
~Classic Dungeoneering
~Project Legacy points gained from PC, Pking, Slayer & more in order to buy unique rewards!
~Help Zone

Here's the part I know you're looking for: Images
Link to Imgur album: imgur.com/a/BjHE8
Project Legacy Homepage:
Project Legacy Home:
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/4YzXkGS.jpg [/IMG]
Dungeoneering Tab:
Dominion Tower Shop
Example of Teleports:


1. How do I know you won't just take my donation and shut down?
Project Legacy has been a pillar in the RSPS community for over 3 years (and counting!), rest assured that if you trust us enough to donate to us, we will always honor it.

2. English isn't my native language, can I still play?
At Project Legacy, our first commitment is to the player. We have a diverse population of players from around the world. Drew is fluent in Spanish as well as English, and there are a number of foreign players from around the world that speak a myriad of languages, including Swedish, Dutch, & more!

3. There's no XAT box, where do I get help?
Unfortunately, we had to remove our Xat chat as ultimately, it attracted DDoSers who enjoyed seeing players frustrated in the chatbox. If you need help, please register and post on our forums or message me here on TTG.

4. Has Project Legacy really been around for 3 years?
Yes indeed. From its initial days being hosted on Drew's home computer, Project Legacy has been committed to providing quality content to its players. Due to various reasons, such as legal issues that the other owner Austin is currently facing, to DDoSers, we have had to come up and down a few times, but I assure you we are here to stay! We are making a comeback and are also looking for professional, qualified staff!

5. Why are you still reading this FAQ?
Play Project Legacy Now!
[url=http://www.projectlegacy317.com/webclient]Project Legacy 317 Webclient[/url][/CENTER]

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great server played on it for years! join today!

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[quote name='iBamf Prod']It's a virus. DO NOT JOIN.[/QUOTE]

No its not ive played it before.

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