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Mod Script

TrinityX 718

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Hello and Welcome,

First I want to say that I understand, after reading the title your probably thinking, "Oh gosh, not another 718," yet I beg to differ. I have yet to start a real project and I have chosen the Matrix 718 release to be my first. Yes, it means I'm planning on downloading the main release and develop into it. I will update daily of what has been done. I know that a lot of content in 718 servers have been released but I will try my hardest to keep it all self coded. That's all I have to say, so for the mean time, please enjoy the updates!

Also, I will make a YouTube channel and try to make videos of content weekly. I'm a man of my word so hope I get some supporters in on this! Expect daily screenshots of what has yet to come! Enjoy!

[U][B]Official Name:[/U][/B] [I]TrinityX[/I]
[U][B]Slogan:[/U][/B] [I]Greatness To Be Expected[/I]
[U][B]Client Revision:[/U][/B] [I]718[/I]
[U][B]Cache Revision:[/U][/B] [I]742[/I]

[SPOILER=Completed Updates]
[SPOILER="Original post from Dragonkk"]
Do what you want with this. Currently 718/723, I wont release the cache editor.
My exdevelopers tryed to hack server again by hacking my dropbox acc so all i have to say is two words:
I quit.

Six more words: I created Matrix, I end Matrix.

What i did:
Fight Kiln
Fight caves
Dominion tower
Most of player combat
Quick chat
Private messages
Public chat
Player and NPC Update
Price check
Musics System and handled all musics myslef
Skills xp counter and xp droping
Prayer including drain rates and effects and quick selecting
Equiping and equipments loaded rom ache
cutscenes system and most of cutscenes
dialogues system and most of dialogues
Friend and ignore list
Hint icons system
Emotes book
All agility courses that are coded
Start on construction
Start on ddungeonnering
Fading screen
Fishing spots handling
Living rock Caverns
Magic (all runes check , teleing etc)
Runecrafting praticaly(tyler worked on runespan but i remade alot his code)
Skill Capes Customizing
Skill dialogues
Castle wars
Fight pits
Corporeal Beast
King black dragon
Kalphite queen and lair basicaly
All the tutorial Island that is done
Start tutorial
Thieving stalls
Helped with cook abit
HomeTeleport(remad t completly)
Player Follow
Helped alot on summon praticaly all famíliar class and multi check etc
Interfaces manager(fixed rezizable tc)
Tasks system
Dynamic regions system (used for instances etc)
Controlers system
Spawned objects
Droped items
Projectiles clip
Update server
Integrated RSA
NPC Combat Definitions
Map Areas
Falador Giant Mole
Player Looks(Haircutter, skin changing,gender, and cloths changing)
Figured all the client packets this source uses protocol
Made all the network
The core structure
Encrypted maps ith own xteas
Music hints
And much more


Dont I fucking deserve to at least be able to release the source i created since as you can see most of work was done by me?[/SPOILER]
[B]April 12, 2013[/B]
[B]Downloaded & Extracted The Original Matrix 718 Release By Dragonkk[/B]

[B]April 13, 2013[/B]
[B]- Updated Cache to 742 (Downloaded The Matrix 742 Cache Release)[/B]
[B]- Replaced All Sprites With RuneScape Sprites[/B]
[B]- Fixed The Matrix Login Music To RuneScape Login Music[/B]
[B]- Fixed The Map Crashing In The Certain Areas[/B]
[B]- Added 100% Lobby[/B]
[B]- Fixed Lobby Capital Letters Problem[/B]
[B]- Can't Make Accounts With (Mod, Owner, or Admin) in The Username[/B]
[B]- Packed Soloman's CoinStore Weapons & Gear (Credits To King J Scape for his items)[/B]
[B]- Added 100% RuneScape Emotes & Configurations[/B]


[B]April 14, 2013[/B]

[B]- Implemented a GrandExchange, Will Need Improvement.[/B]



[B]Check Update Logs[/B]

[SPOILER=Recorded Videos]



[B]Me (Plato)[/B]

If the thread is a little cheesy, please give me some time until I can start adding in the updates! Thanks!

[/CENTER] Edited by Mod Script

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Good luck on this :gg:

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Updated Thread! New Updates. Still more to come.

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Looks good! Would love to play this!

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Stopped reading at "Self Coded"

[spoiler=some bs]Dared myself to
- Replaced All Sprites With RuneScape Sprites [ Was included in the 742 Cache.]
- Fixed The Matrix Login Music To RuneScape Login Music [Nice way of changing where it loads a midi]
- Fixed The Map Crashing In The Certain Areas [I doubt it... Seeing as its cache sided and you listed nothing to do with changing that.]
- Added 100% Lobby[released..]
- Fixed Lobby Capital Letters Problem[wtf problems you make by yourself?]
- Can't Make Accounts With (Mod, Owner, or Admin) in The Username[if player.name(mod) { return false; (not real code but its easy..) ]
- Packed Soloman's CoinStore Weapons & Gear (Credits To King J Scape for his items) [ +1 on packing an item to a cache, Even worse if all you did was dl his cache.. ]
- Added 100% RuneScape Emotes & Configurations[released so many times.. to even think you would of "self coded" this and wasted your time finding the anims make me shudder.][/spoiler]

Other then that. Good luck on your project! Looking forward to seeing some content! Edited by Christina643

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