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[Beta Event] Moscotto Server [Need Staff]

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[URL="http://www.moscotto.com/"]Homepage[/URL] | [URL="http://www.moscotto.com/forum/"]Forums[/URL] | [URL="http://www.moscotto.com/webclient/"]Webclient[/URL] [/CENTER]

The only server you will ever need. Fully economy, and with a good policies. Ran on a powerful Trenta-Host VPS, with fully stable and working forums, website, scripts, and more!

Fully working lobby and more. We are current in need of staff, feel free to apply! :)

Updated Daily! Current through April 9, 2013 the beta event will be on where all players get a free Moscotto Beta Cape when signing in! Claim yours today!

[center][u][b]Update Log[/b][/u]

[b]April 4, 2013[/b][/center]

More Xteas Placed
Cache now contains fixed item names
Donator Shop has been fixed, yet not implemented.
Vote Script Begins Implementation
Staff Apps being reviewed.
Webclient Fixed

[center][b]April 3, 2013[/b][/center]

Public Launch
Re-Writing of Fishing Spots (Including the bugged out spots)
Adding Fishing Spots/Home Shops
Re-Coding of Squeal of Fortune (Horribly Bugged from Citellum)
Fix of QBD Bug (Grotworm Spam)
KBD now plays more attacks
Corp Beat drop rates improved.
Starter is limited by IP, and does not give much (Enforcing the Economy)
Staff Applications Opened
Donation Script Fixed
Vote Script begins coding
Rev's now have better rendering and GFX with attacks.
Attacks re-engineered as they played the wrong GFX and Animations
Summoning Familiar's Fixed from Walking Bug/Picking Up Bug
Home NPC's giving themed names from their shop locations.
New NPC contents (Ozan, Bandits, Etc)
A few teleports re-done as they were putting players in locations that could cause them to die instantly.



GodWars Dungeon Remastered
100% New Nex + Minions
100% New Armadyl + Minions
100% New Bandos + Minions
100% New Zamorak + Minions
100% New Saradomin + Minions
New King Black Dragon
Squeal of Fortune
Starter Kit
100% RuneScape Emotes + Configurations
All RuneScape Home Teleports
Godsword Creation
Spirit Shield Creation
Information Book
Abyssal Vine Whip Creation
Experience Lamps
Players Online above Friends List
New CombatDefinitions
100% Shops
Fixed NPC Nulls
Automatic Server Messages
Bones on Altar
New Player Commands
Server Control Panel
Grotworms Dungeon (Do Defs)
New 736 Item Bonuses
New Commands
Object Spawning
Saradomin Godsword Animation Fix
Bugs and Glitches Patched
Snow! (Disabled)
Summoning Pouch Creation
All NPC Drops
More Squeal Configurations
Some Core Inprovements (Simple Shit)
Money Pouch Max Cash bug fixed
View Stats
Stable XP Rates
Ingame Teleport Panel
Money Pouch Open/Close Sound
Fixed black screening
Fixed freezing/DCing issues
Added 300+ Real RuneScape NPC's
Fight Kiln
Fight caves
Dominion tower
Most of player combat
Quick chat
Private messages
Public chat
Player and NPC Update
Price check
Musics System and handled all musics myslef
Skills xp counter and xp droping
Prayer including drain rates and effects and quick selecting
Equiping and equipments loaded rom ache
cutscenes system and most of cutscenes
dialogues system and most of dialogues
Friend and ignore list
Hint icons system
Emotes book
All agility courses that are coded
Start on construction
Start on ddungeonnering
Fading screen
Fishing spots handling
Living rock Caverns
Magic (all runes check , teleing etc)
Runecrafting praticaly(tyler worked on runespan but i remade alot his code)
Skill Capes Customizing
Skill dialogues
Castle wars
Fight pits
Corporeal Beast
King black dragon
Kalphite queen and lair basicaly
All the tutorial Island that is done
Start tutorial
Thieving stalls
Helped with cook abit
HomeTeleport(remad t completly)
Player Follow
Helped alot on summon praticaly all famíliar class and multi check etc
Interfaces manager(fixed rezizable tc)
Tasks system
Dynamic regions system (used for instances etc)
Controlers system
Spawned objects
Droped items
Projectiles clip
Update server
Integrated RSA
NPC Combat Definitions
Map Areas
Falador Giant Mole
Player Looks(Haircutter, skin changing,gender, and cloths changing)
Figured all the client packets this source uses protocol
Made all the network
The core structure
Encrypted maps ith own xteas
Music hints
And much more[/CENTER] Edited by Rotavele

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Client is now updated!

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