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Favorite exercise?

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[quote name='Hash']Taking long walks in Al-Kharid[/QUOTE]

Must exercise your fingers a lot

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[quote name='ArunForce']Must exercise your fingers a lot[/QUOTE]

Oh you don't think I'm fo real???

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Full workout routine. Currently on halt due to my herniated disk and doing further treatment for it. Also have multiple other injuries to my back haha. Guess contact sports wasn't the best. But I LOVE, stationary bike, and anything on leg day!

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I like cardio exercise more because these exercise are best for me to control my weight and improve my fitness level.
Some of my favorite [url=http://www.maitlandbusinessguide.com.au/home/display/550]cardio exercises[/url] are jogging, running, rope jumping, push ups, pull ups, and squats. Edited by Kamoka456

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