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Favorite exercise?

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V Best workout ever. #Varsity


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Stuff based around football, e.g. shuttles, shooting drills, push ups, sit ups, fartlek training.

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I like to do stations and then rotate from day to day. Make sure you stretch real good before doing any of this.

Monday (Lift): Front Squats, Power Cleans, Split Jerks
Tuesday (Condition): 400m Run 20 pushups, air squats, v ups, crunches, burpees (repeat 8 times)
Wednesday (Lift): Low Box Squat, Hang Clean, Bench Press/Military Press
Thursday (Condition): 1 Mile Run, 20 pushups, burpees, airsqauts, star jumps (repeat 4 times)
Friday (Power-down): 15-20 Minutes of Stretches, 3-4 mile jog, stretch again.

Restart on Monday :)

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I don't really go out and exercise, but I do walk 1.8 Miles to school everyday, walk 1.8 miles back, and either ride a bike or walk or a few hours a day.

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Jim Stoppani's shortcut to size: 12 week program.
following up with his shortcut to shred: 6 week program.
Other than that, Running/Swimming for cardio.

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Taking long walks in Al-Kharid

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