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[PI] [PAYING] Nex Health Regen

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So Nex is a really big part of my server and drops a lot of good gear. But the problem is, it doesn't regenerate any HP for a long ass time. So I tried to stop this by making it when your in Nex that you are skulled. This worked for some time until people started bringing claws and using mage protection and kept specing and specing for kill.
Can someone help me with making it so Nex regenerates HP after like 10 seconds of not being attacked or when no one is at Nex (I have already defined the Nex area in a boolean). I am willing to pay 5$ just for a fix to this because it is a big portion of my server.
You can leave a comment below or you can help me through Skype then I will send the money via Payapl once the issue is fixed.

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