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[PI] Nex Troubles


So, Nex is really hard and takes a lot of people to legit beat it on my server. But if you keep dieing and going back and attacking then dieing, Nex never regenerates health. So you can just keep doing that until Nex dies and get the loot.

So, I tried to stop this by making it so you can only teleport to Nex every 10 minutes. But after implementing that I then realized something. What if you die and you want your loot back. Or what if you kill Nex but run out of food and forced to teleport.

So my question is, which file can I find where to make a NPC regenerate health. I've tried searching some things throughout my source folder but the search option on my computer is messed up. It doesn't search for the word inside of the documents only on the names. It has just started doing this recently. I don't want you to spoon feed how to do it for me I just need to know where I can find it.

EDIT: I only want it to regenerate health when it isn't being attacked or when no one is at nex
EDIT 2: I just got finished defining the Nex area Edited by Starkzter

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