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RSlegacy 317

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[COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=3]Join Rslegacy! New 317 Eco/Pk based server! We have all itmes working all bosses, loyalty titles aswell as zombie minigame.[/SIZE] [SIZE=5][url]www.rsreg.org[/url][/SIZE] [SIZE=3]join now!!![/SIZE] [SIZE=5][url]www.rsreg.org/webclient.php[/url][/SIZE] [SIZE=3]for webclient[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FFFF00"]The Main Owner/Coder name is Circuit/Kush also known as prayerhunta on here ;) Join today!

[SIZE=5][Server Features][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR="#00FF00"][SIZE=3]Player Clipping
Npc Clipping
Fixed up Duel Arena Glitches [Not being able to attack while in duel, etc..]
Working MoneyPouch!
Summoning Orb With Draining
Few custom items
[Server] Announcement when you get 99 [100% Working]
LevelPoints with a Store
custom GFX and Anime for some basic commands
Lottery, [Lottie]
Disabled Shops for Users That Can Spawn
Staff or players who can spawn can not attend in the lottery
2 Starters Per Ip
Custom Log-ins when Staff Log in
Fixed Total Level
Donators need Donor points to use their Shops not cash[Makes it so reg players cant be teled there and buy the items]
Vote System
100% Timed mute
100% Timed Ban
Up to level 120 Dungeoneering
Server AutoSave
Fixed Lag when banking all
Player Titles
Auto-Server Save
KillStreak Point System
KS give you extra PK Points
Re-Wrote Mage (Was totally loveed up on v1)
Custom Npc Shops
dice command for Donator+

[COLOR="#0000FF"]Now Enjoy these pics![/COLOR][/SIZE]


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