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You & Your Computer

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[I]I've release other guides (before an incident) on this site in this topic, however they are outdated. I'd like to revise several of these guides, so why not.[/I]

[B][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Table of Contents[/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
[CENTER]I. Introduction
II. Basic Needs
III. Security Sources
IV. Performance Sources
V. Misc.[/CENTER]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]I. Introduction[/COLOR][/B]
[INDENT]Every computer is open to an attack at any time. Even if you are protected, you are still vulnerable. Your computer deserves the best treatment with the best software. During this guide you will learn the basic needs for your computers. All programs listed in this guide are products of their rightful owners. The guide itself is mine, and feel free to reuse it. [/INDENT]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]II. Basic Needs[/COLOR][/B]
[INDENT][I]What are my basic needs?[/I]
A computer needs a couple of things to survive. This does not include items that were pre-installed. This will only include things to get, so bring out your list. [/INDENT]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]A. Protection[/COLOR]
[I]See [COLOR="#0000FF"]III. Security Sources[/COLOR] for links.[/I]
[INDENT]Protection is crucial for surviving, considering you have internet since you are here. Internet is a dangerous wonderland from the average human. However my complex humans use the internet to their advantage. That advantage being making you hurt in the long wrong. Proect yourself. They're are tons of free software that will do the basic jobs. These being;

[COLOR="#FFFF00"]I. AVG (Recommended)
[I]Note that these are just a few, do some researching to find may even better unknown ones.[/I][/INDENT]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]B. Performance[/COLOR]
[I]See [COLOR="#0000FF"]IV. Performance Sources[/COLOR] for links.[/I]
[INDENT]This my favorite part of this guide. You be the controlling and you get to build the relationship between you and your computer. I've went through several applications and none have some to do the job to the gurantee of the product. I have to came to the conclusion that IOBit is the best for performance programs. See the Performance Sources section for products and product keys.[/INDENT]

[I]That's basically it for this section, however I will go into a bit more detail in other threads so keep checking back here for links.[/I]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]III. Security Sources[/COLOR][/B]
[INDENT][URL="http://free.avg.com/us-en/homepage"]AVG 2013 - FREE[/URL] (Recommended)
[URL="http://usa.kaspersky.com/?domain=kaspersky.com"]Kaspersky[/URL] - Free 30 Day Trial (Recommended Buy)

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]IV. Performance Sources[/COLOR][/B]
[Spoiler=ASC6 Key][QUOTE]CC52B-28CB1-DAF12-A96D6[/QUOTE]
If the key fails turn your internet off and then register it.[/spoiler]

[URL="http://www.iobit.com/"]IoBit Main Site[/URL]
[URL="http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcarepro.html"]Advance System Care 6[/URL]
[URL="http://www.iobit.com/iobitsmartdefrag.html"]Smart Defrag[/URL]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]V. Misc[/COLOR][/B]
[INDENT]Thread will be updated regularly. [/INDENT]

1.[COLOR="#00FF00"] Encoded[/COLOR] 25% - Guide, Links, Serial Key(s)
2. [COLOR="#00FF00"]Software Owners + Distrubutors[/COLOR] - 75%

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