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im a nubcake

Animated logo for my server

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I long time ago working with paint, and using online and free sites to edit the pictures. I never used photoshop, but my works almost better than some of the photoshop works. ;D I found a gif creator, and edited a picture on paint. I re-sized the full picture, cut into pieces by using the line drawing, and I deleted the parts that are not needed.(I used 6 different picture, and deleted 4 piece of them. It means I get 4 different piece, what makes a full picture altogether) I created a Grand Theft Auto logo with our server name, and added to the full picture.

Finally, I removed the red background from the pieces by using an online picture editor. I saved the pictures without the background, and put it to the gif creator, changed the speed, and the picture is done!

Gif creator:[URL="http://picasion.com/"]http://picasion.com/[/URL]
Picture Editor:[URL="http://www.online-image-editor.com/"]http://www.online-image-editor.com/[/URL]
Text Creator:[URL="www.cooltext.com"]www.cooltext.com[/URL]

[U]Special Thanks to:[/U]
RuneScape for the wallpaper
the sites above

[B]Grand Theft Auto Text[/B]
[COLOR="#FFA500"]Font name:[/COLOR] Pricedown
[COLOR="#FFA500"]Style:[/COLOR] Outline
[COLOR="#FFA500"]Primary Colors:[/COLOR] Black and White
[COLOR="#FFA500"]Gradient used?:[/COLOR] no

Thanks for reading.[/CENTER]

[LEFT]- [I][COLOR="#4B0082"]im a nubcake[/COLOR][/I][/LEFT]

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