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#Rune-Force [718] ~ [Public Beta] Grand Exchange, Quests, ETC [Beta]

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[CENTER]This is an extension from our project thread, please keep both open. :)


[B]Server-Sided Development is managed by[/B]:

- Mod Charlie (#Atro) :Content:
- Mod Thomas (xWhyte) :Framework & Networking:

[B]Graphics design is now managed by[/B]: Ensure

[B]Website/Server management is done by[/B]: Somebodyy

[B]Server Advertisement & Media Manager[/B]: 'Luke


#Rune-Force [718/728]

We have a reputation as having a quick updating, great community, self-learning private server, that has players playing since 2009!

We're on the move to be among some of the greatest servers around, such as CodeUSA, and Sevador.

Just a side note; 670 & 718 protocol has no difference.

[B]Base/Sources used[/B]: We are creating our own framework under the name of Rune-Force, and used the help of Matrix to create it.

We allow 50% of the credits to the Matrix development team (Alex), for helping and use of their source code.

[SPOILER="- Development Blog: -"]

- #Rune-Force 718/728 release, will edit this later[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER="- Media: -"]


[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYm33iNzmTg]Grand Exchange Preview - #Rune-Force - YouTube[/url]

- Check thread & Thomas's posts (xWhyte)[/SPOILER]

- Again, still in massive development. Please allow us to get our core content available.
[/CENTER] Edited by Cart

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