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adding magic damage


public void setEquipmentBonus() {
int a = bonuses.getBonus(0);
int b = bonuses.getBonus(1);
int c = bonuses.getBonus(2);
int d = bonuses.getBonus(5);
int dc = bonuses.getBonus(6);
int ds = bonuses.getBonus(7);
int m = bonuses.getBonus(8);
int mm = bonuses.getBonus(3);
int e = bonuses.getBonus(10);
int p = bonuses.getBonus(11);
int s = bonuses.getBonus(12);
int f = bonuses.getBonus(4);
int g = bonuses.getBonus(9);
actionSender.sendString("Stab: "+a, 667, 36);
actionSender.sendString("Slash: "+b, 667, 37);
actionSender.sendString("Crush: "+c, 667, 38);
actionSender.sendString("Magic: "+mm, 667, 39);
actionSender.sendString("Ranged: "+f, 667, 40);
actionSender.sendString("Stab: "+d, 667, 41);
actionSender.sendString("Slash: "+dc, 667, 42);
actionSender.sendString("Crush: "+ds, 667, 43);
actionSender.sendString("Magic: "+m, 667, 44);
actionSender.sendString("Ranged: "+g, 667, 45);
actionSender.sendString("Strength: +"+e, 667, 48);
actionSender.sendString("Ranged Str: +"+s, 667, 50);
actionSender.sendString("Prayer: +"+p, 667, 49);
actionSender.sendString("Summoning: 0", 667, 46);
actionSender.sendString(bonuses.weight[0]+"kg", 667, 32);

i dont know if its it but i cant think of anything else i have tried to add int to the item def but doesnt work and im not sure how i would go about adding it Edited by madman

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any 1 know how to add the magic damage boost

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Haven't done anything in 562 for years, but as far as I remember there should be an xml or txt file called itemdefinitions or something,
the integers in the file should follow the format you posted above, so go to the item you want to change, and change the integer to the one you want.
Then proceed to delete the itemdefinitions.bin (something alike) and run the server, that should recreate the bin, because the server reads the bin and it only updates it if it isn't there anymore.

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