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Arena 498# - By Kelvin

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ArenaRS Will be the first Private Server based of a Ranked Player versus Player system.

Base: Delta
Revision: 317 Loading 498 - Client sided. All animations, Sounds, Interfaces loaded.

Combat System information -
[B]Melee[/B] - Melee will be maybe the most balanced combat style of them all. All special Attacks will hit the exact same with the exact same Accuracy, this will remove the concept "Prod" since there will not be a difference if you have a Dragon Dagger or Godsword. Of course the Godsword will be able to hit a little bit higher because it is a Two-handed weapon. But the main part will be to keep all Melee weapons almost the same so you can use whatever you feel like and still have the same chance of winning.

[B]Range[/B] - Range will be for the most part weak against Melee, but it will be better against magic as usual, it won't hit as high as you're used to though but it will have an accuracy increase, it will be good against Melee as well but it will be more effective against Magic Armor as said below.

[B]Magic[/B] - Magic will be hard to balance like Melee and Range, considering you have "Freeze" spells which will give you an advantage against one Class players only, so hybridizing will probably be a must against high ranked players. The max hit with Ancient will be 30.

[CENTER][B]Arena Ranking - The Concept[/B][/CENTER]
This will be the main part, you will get the meaning of the Combat system I will be inventing when you read this. So The Arena Ranking system will be very competitive because of the balance between the Three Combat styles you're able to use, I will focus on making survival a big part of it so it won't be the guy with the highest special Attacks that necessarily wins the Ranked Duel, per Win and Lose your ranking will change like this.

Obtaining Ranking will be like
Rating: 0 - 50
Win +9 / Lose -6
Rating: 51 - 100
Win +6 / Lose -6
Rating: 101 - 150
Win +4 / Lose -6
Rating: 151 - 200
Win +3 - Lose -6
Rating: 201 - 250
Win 2+ / Lose -6
Rating: 251 - 300+
Win 1+ / Lose -5

The Rating will be used to compare you against other players, the Rating will be reset each week and every week the best ranked player will receive a "Gladiator" title that will prove you're a true Warrior.

[B]How to get in a Game: [/B]
Since I wan't it to be as legit that I can get it, there will not be the normal "Challenge" system but a "Que" system so you can not choose the player you're meeting against. The players you meet will be choosen out from your Personal Rating. So you won't meet a Player with 36 Rating when you're at 128.

[B]What will the point of becoming a Gladiator be?[/B]
Since items will have no value in the Arena, items won't be a cool reward. Therefor I will invent Items that you can use to change your character's appearance in-game to look better. For Example exchange your Platebody with for example a Torso or Bandos Chestplate. The Stats will of course not be any better inside the Arena but outside they will count like they usually would in Runescape.

[B]The Arena Armor[/B]
will not be anything advanced, I though of normal Rune/Dragon Hide/Mystic setup for people with 50 or lower rating, and when your rating increases you will be able to purchase better looking armors. These sets with over 50 rating will have a rating requirement so every week you must get your rating up again to be able to use them.

More info will be written later, feel free to comment and give ideas. Edited by Arena498

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[/CENTER] Edited by Arena498

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[00:25 - 15.09.2012]
-Clearing all unnecessary objects, Shops, Teleporting, dead code.
-Netty has been Implemented. Edited by Arena498

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This looks really promising. Keep us updated.

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