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Taking on a team

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[B][B]well whats to say i have done everything already and i am looking for a big team to take care of forums and in game hassle while i take care of the development side of things.

i don't have time to mess about and will get rid of you in a flash if you mess up. - had to get rid of my old site dev was way to lazy.[/B]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]1. Must have MSN - I don't use skype
2. Must have some experience with RSPS.
3. Must be Mature and have common sense

[COLOR="#FFF0F5"]So past the annoying bits haha[/COLOR]

Well about myself i currently own and run one server, planning to open a second in a week. i am a people person and i don't mess about, i like reliable hardworking and loyal people.

What im looking for you will be based over two servers.

[*]Four. administartors
[*]Three super moderators
[*]five. moderators
[*]ten. server supports

How to apply leave a note here saying applied and inbox me this format

Type of spot wanted:
Past experience:
Experience in Runescape in-General:
Why should i take you on (give a good reason) :[/QUOTE][/B] Edited by Terrafirma

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[quote name='RANSOM']what is the link to your forums?[/QUOTE]

will pm in a little while, app are still open

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[quote name='zandicus']I might be interested.[/QUOTE]

apply away fella.

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