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Sigma - Nation Choice Project

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Idea Of Nation Choice:

I was thinking to implement this to my Server Project: [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/projects/425320-sigma-final-run.html"]Sigma[/URL]

Ok so, in my server I have a Storyline with Grim after Grim talks to me he introduces me to 3 Nations, 1. The Berserker Nation, The Arched Nation, The Mystic Nation. The Berserker Nation consists of the Melee Class in which you start out in the chosen Nation's city. The Arched Nation consists of the Archery Class and The Mystic Nation Consists Of The Magic Class. All of these nations have specific Gear that can only be equipped by that nation. You can also change nations by doing a specific Task/Quest to prove your honor to join it.

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="YellowGreen"]Point Of This:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][B][I]This idea randomly popped up in my head and I decided to expand on it a bit more, I thought rather than using 1 home and 1 storyline I thought why not expand the creativity of the Storyline and transform it into something so much different.[/I][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="YellowGreen"]Extra Info/Clear Things Up:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][B][I]Not[/I][/B][/SIZE] [B][I][U]ALL[/U][/I][/B] [SIZE="1"][B][I]Items Are Distributed For Each Nation Only A Few Items Will Be Distributed, Though I Still Have No Idea Which.[/I][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="YellowGreen"]Nations Background:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[B][I][SIZE="1"]• Berserker Nation - The Berserker Nation is a fierce clan of the Melee Class they're no strangers when it comes to Hand To Hand Combat they fight close in battle and strike there enemys head-on rather than fight at a range of distance.
There power is widely used in the world of Sigma and only those who possess there ability never dissapoints in Combat.

• Arched Nation - The Arched Nation is notorious when it comes to the Range Skill they fight from a far stunning there enemys and piercing there name into the world of Sigma. Regardless of any other nations armour there arrows are known to be so powerful that it penetrates through any kind of armour. Using this nations power is terrific if you want to destroy at a distance.

• Mystic Nation - The Mystic Nation is a horde of destruction when they step in the ring. They use the primarily the Magic Skill they use this to destroy in battle at a long distance as the Archery nation does, thought the Mystic Nation can use specific Spells to freeze or stun an opponent so they cannot move this makes the Mystic Nation unique in battle.[/SIZE][/I][/B]

[B][I]Features Key:[/I][/B]

[COLOR="Red"]• Red = Not Started[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Yellow"]• Yellow = Progressing[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Lime"]• Green = Finished[/COLOR]


[B][I][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Red"]• Special Items For Each Nation

• Custom Quests For Each Nation

• Tasks To Change Nations

• Unique Starter For Each Nation

• Storyline For Each Nation

[COLOR="Yellow"]• Custom Home For Each Nation[/COLOR]

• Unique Dungeons/Bosses For Each Nation

• Nation Titles

• Not Allowed To Attack Fellow NPC's Within The Village (EX: If You Belong To The Archery Nation You Can Not Attack Fellow Archers In The Village)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/CENTER]

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