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Almost every emote config.


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[code]player.getPackets().sendConfig(2033, 1043648799);//Seal Of Approval
player.getPackets().sendConfig(1958, 534);//TaskMaster
player.getPackets().sendConfig(2405, -1);//Living On A Borrowed Time
player.getPackets().sendConfig(2432, -1);//Troubadour Emote
player.getPackets().sendConfig(2230, -1);//All Or Most Loyalty Emotes
player.getPackets().sendConfig(1842, -1);//Faint
player.getPackets().sendConfig(313, -1);//Event Emotes
player.getPackets().sendConfig(1085, 249852);//Zombie Hand
player.getPackets().sendConfig(465, 7);//Goblin Emotes
player.getPackets().sendConfig(802, -1);//Stronghold Of Security Emotes
player.getPackets().sendConfig(2169, -1);//Invoke Spring
player.getPackets().sendConfig(1597, -1);//Dramatic Point
player.getPackets().sendConfig(2458, -1);//Chaotic Cookery
player.getPackets().sendConfig(1921, -893736236);//Puppet Master[/code]

This will unlock every emote except chaotic cookery. You can figure it out yourself where to add this, it ain't hard.

Credits to 2^31-1 from R-S for finding them. Edited by Beuner
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[quote name='Beuner']Idk, I'm not very familiar with configs, I haven't done shit yet where to use them, but I found it like this on R-S and it works like this lol.[/QUOTE](1921, -893736236)

A config file like a setting operates stuff on interfaces and on the map of the game. The config ID represnts the ID ofc, then the value of the id represnts the value. fore example, a config witching between chats. say it's 190 (config 190, value 1) might make it public chat, 190, 2 might make it private.

EDIT: And they're loaded from index 20 or around there from the cache, and have to do with client stuff. Edited by axter
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