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[quote name='IVumerical']Well spotted Captain Obvious.[/QUOTE]

Yaaa Runelocus doesn't need stupid comments like that.

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Congratulations Everyone at Runelocus <3
On to 500k members!!

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[quote name='BZB']You seem like your in a bad mood today.

Edit: You are correct Ikiliki we shouldn't expect everyone to be 100% active most people come on here to advertise or make a post saying they need help with something.[/QUOTE]
I'm not in a bad mood at all haha, I'm extremely happy.

I just hate those kind of replies. If you have nothing nice to say, just don't say anything at all. Someone's "celebrating" something that we should actually celebrate and be happy about, and another person must always try to ruin it by posting a comment seriously NOBODY gives a fuck about.

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Nice milestone, but it would of been so much higher if it was for that stupid database crash.

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