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Server Making Service - VERY CHEAP - 4$ Only -

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[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=7][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Welcome To My Service Thread[/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT]

[CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=5]My Server Info:[/SIZE][/COLOR]

I can make you a server, and I dont take much money for that, I just take $4[COLOR="#FFFF00"][/COLOR] For Making a Server, With a [COLOR="#FFFF00"]No-IP[/COLOR], Plus [COLOR="#FFFF00"]Portforwarding[/COLOR], And Coding The Server and Client For 2 Days, Im Online For 2 Continous Days, I help u in ANYTIME for 48 Hours AFTER Gettin' Paid.


[COLOR="#FF0000"]Paying Method:[/COLOR]



[COLOR="#FF0000"]Service Done Through:[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FFFF00"]Teamviewer OR Skype[/COLOR]


[COLOR="#FF0000"]For More Info/ Contacting me:[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR="#FFFF00"][CENTER]Skype: [COLOR="#FF0000"]Brownyahmed1996[/COLOR][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FFFF00"][CENTER]Msn: [email][COLOR="#FF0000"][email protected][/COLOR][/email][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[CENTER]_______________________________________________________________________________[/CENTER] Edited by ahmed

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