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Its been a long time that nobody has changed rank, like graphic artist or such. We could add some new ranks that will be earned temporarily, like 1 or 2 weeks, that will be given for either skills or devotion for RuneLocus.

Something new like new themes, new forums layout or something in this type would be great for the forums and give a different look. People get bored fast with the same looking forums, not that they're ugly or anything, but anything can be worked on.

I totally agree with with the awards and like the concept, but don't make too much different kinds, and don't hand this out too easily; it must be something hard enough to earn and have a challenge.

That's pretty much what I had as ideas. You can take them or not, they are only suggestions and I hope it can help to revive the forums!

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I am suggesting the new theme, Movara theme gets old! ;)

Since the home page of RuneLocus is dark, why don't we match the theme with the toplist, homepage, etc?

Off-Topic: [MENTION=17381]Hash[/MENTION] sorry I left lastnight to the lake house and I will be back home tomorrow! :)

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I disagree with new ranks, I think the awards definitely fit for what you're asking for whether it be temporarily or permanent. As for ranks, people have been given some new ones actually! Toxicturn has recently been given Contributor.

How I see ranks vs awards: ranks are needed for people to stand out and for others to reach quite easily such as with staffers and ex-staffers, or even with someone who can help the site such as a Contributor. Awards are given to help identify people as being skilled in certain things, but other than that I think it's just as fun thing to have and a nice reward for whatever they won.

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