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Menacescape V4

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As promised, summer is here and it's time to lift our head from disappointment of menacescape dieing and revive it. Enjoy the advertisement topic.

It's been more than 2 years that we have been online, we've been through v1, v2, v3, and finally here it is; v4. To cut it short, if you want to experience the pking, but easy way to get through the game, than visit us. We offer this, and a lot more. We have almost every skill, even ranging from summoning to hunter. Our mini-games are on point. Duel arena, Pest control, Warrior Guild, Fight cave, etc. Source is stable, we are able to host many people with our powerful dedicated host. Enough talking..

Homepage: [url]http://menacescape.com[/url]
Webclient: [url]http://menacescape.com/index.php?p=webclient[/url]
Download link: [url]http://menacescape.com/v4/Menacescape%20V4%20Client.zip[/url]

- Duel arena, Pest control, warrior guild, fight cave, fight pits, etc
- Stable source (100+)
- zoom out & in on client, able to change gameframe, etc
- All skills including hunter & summoning!
- Amazing switching/pking
- Easy way to earn cash


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