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[PI] Server Problems that need fixed [PI]


If you can help me with any of the problems below, please leave a comment!

1.Moderators can Ban/Mute Administrators/Developers/Owners.
2.Administrators can Ban/Mute Developers/Owners.
3.Command "unipban" does not work.
4.In PM Moderators have Administrator crowns/In PM Administrators have Owner crowns.
5.I added "handleClipping (i);" under "if (checkClipping(i)) {" and it gives "cannot find symbol" error under the "h".
6.Command "claim" does not work.
7.Co-Owner cannot do the commands "demote", "givemod, "giveadmin", "givedonor".
8.Fun-PK zone will not add in specified coordinates.
9.Objects (banks) will not be deleted after adding "c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(-1, Xcords, Ycords, 1, 10);".
10.Nex's Combat level/Armor won't lower, after editing.
11.Owner disconnects upon log-in.
12.Skills go up to 110/99, I want them only to go to 99/99.
13.When player levels a skill, it spams random level ups in all skills.

Many thanks!

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