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[PI] Need Some stuff Fixed [PI]


Okay, so I have a small list of stuff that's not good in my server.


[CODE]1.Moderators can ban/mute/ipban/ipmute Administrators + Owners/Developers.
2.Administrators can ban/mute/ipban/ipmute Owners/Developers.
3.Moderators can unmute themselves when Owner mutes them.
4.Administrators can umute themselves when Owner mutes them.
5.After doing ::checkinv the items in YOUR inventory turn 0.
6.Moderator crowns are Administrator crowns in Private Messaging.
7.Administrator crowns are Owner crowns in Private Messaging.
8.Co-Owner cannot do commands- ::demote/::givemod/::giveadmin/::givedonor.
9.Command ::unipban does not work after added.
10.When a player levels up any skill, it randomly says, "Congratulations" in all the skills.
11.When Owner loses Duel in Duel Arena, it bugs- Owner teleports to Home, Player who won remains in arena with flashing arrow (after logout from Owner, bug goes away).
12.Player Skills go over 99 and are shown: 110/99 on skill menus.
13.Added FunPk- did not work at all.
14.Attempted to delete some items in Nardah (Our Home) did not work.
15.Quickchat is installed upon click on skill menu, but does not work.[/CODE]
Nader Any way to fix all of these, if you can please contact me by;
[CODE]MSN: [email protected]
Private Message: Runelocus
Skype: Omg_its_Al3x[/CODE]

Thank you so much! Edited by Stxalth

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I can help you with almost all of these...
I'll post a few for now...
To fix
Add this line to each of the commands you want only certain people to do.
[code](c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("ANOTHER NAME")[/code]

How to use it

[code]if (playerCommand.startsWith("dzone") && (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("YOUR NAME") || (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("ANOTHER NAME"))) {[/code]

The rest I would have to read your files, to see how they are divided up.

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