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Dying in duel arena


So getting into duel arena is all fine, but once someone dies, the person that dies is ok, but the person who wins stay in the duel arena? I have no clue where to start tbh anyhelp?

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If you are on PI (which I am just guessing) there should be a TradeAndDuel.java in your src/server/model/players, if you have that look for this method:
[CODE] public void duelVictory() {
Client o = (Client) Server.playerHandler.players[c.duelingWith];
if(o != null) {
c.getPA().sendFrame126(""+o.combatLevel, 6839);
c.getPA().sendFrame126(o.playerName, 6840);
o.duelStatus = 0;
} else {
c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 6839);
c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 6840);
c.duelStatus = 6;
for (int i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
c.playerLevel[i] = c.getPA().getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[i]);
c.getPA().movePlayer(Config.DUELING_RESPAWN_X+(Misc.random(Config.RANDOM_DUELING_RESPAWN)), Config.DUELING_RESPAWN_Y+(Misc.random(Config.RANDOM_DUELING_RESPAWN)), 0);
c.getPA().showOption(3, 0, "Challenge", 3);
c.getPA().createPlayerHints(10, -1);
c.canOffer = true;
c.duelSpaceReq = 0;
c.duelingWith = 0;
c.duelRequested = false;

I'm guessing that something will be wrong with that method. Post anything wrong with it that you suspect and I can help.

Hope this Helps...

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nunners, nice to see somebody else helps too :D

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