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Rune-Regrets PvP (Final)

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Final version of Rune-Regrets is going to be a PvP version as I am really interested in making a PvP Server and having it online for a while. It is still being planned as you read this but development starts today! After my long 3-4 month break from programming RSPS I have decided to make one last final server that may take time to develop as I have work ect now to think about as I have left college and have free time currently.

[B]What to expect in Rune-Regrets:[/B]
-New Interfaces
-Possible new way around pking
-New minigames
-Possibly a few things from MW3 put in to give it that good feeling.
-Expect great things!

I am still not sure wether I should gather a team for this or do it solo, I am more likely to do it solo than have a team as I don't want anything messing up for my final server and I actually want to release this for people to use who else is interested in a pking server, I will have this up for a week but it is most definitely going to be an official release! The code will be made as easy as possible for everyone and new ways to leach :P

coming soon.

coming soon.

Coming later today!

[spoiler="Support us?"]
coming soon.

sorry for such little detail right now I wanted to get the thread over and done with and it will be updated most likely daily.



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