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[317] Developing a team. [Need LOYAL staff]

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Name: fatmess >_>
Age: 17
Type of spot wanted: coder
Experience in area(RS/RSPS): made several servers,co-owned 2 servers and had my own server for a while
MSN: pm me for my skype -,-
Experience in Runescape in-General: had all 99's on various accounts

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Name: Lincoln
Age: 16
Type of spot wanted: Developer/Any
Experience in area(RS/RSPS): I have been programming Java Source since I was 12. I have been a developer for 3 servers (one of which I was not given credit for, the owner hated me because of a previous development project we were on and the owner of that project instantly put me over top of him because my experience was superior to his). I have made a few tutorials (other websites, not this one) on things. I have developed many bases, but never got around to releasing because I always felt that I could do better. I have 2 years of web design classes under my belt. I also have been a moderator for multiple forums and multiple servers. I had quite a prestigious name for myself on the servers that used to be up. Back to development, I also have quite the experience with client sided tasks as for the past half a year I have dedicated my Java Source knowledge to learning how the client communicates with the server, how the sprites are loaded, and how to customize the client completely.
MSN: [email][email protected][/email]
Experience in Runescape in-General: I started back in '06 (just after the Falador massacre D;). I played a little bit in '06 till my internet got shut off. I then started back up in the summer of 2007. I played that whole year up until 2008, then I stopped playing as much. I never truly liked playing with the new updates that Jagex has put out for their game. Ever since then I have always wanted to see a 2006-2008 remake.

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Name: josh
Age: 18
Type of spot wanted: co owner, forum admin, or w/e
Experience in area(RS/RSPS): 10 years vet rs. rsps 5-6 years
MSN: will get if needed
Experience in Runescape in-General: more than enough.

okay if this is legit. hmu on here in a pm first. i want to ask you a few things.

ill show you my forum skills. just looking for a real programmer.

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Type of spot wanted:coder
Experience in area(RS/RSPS):i code rsps for fun to get a bit of that feel and i have done coding for a server but i want a project to work on which will actual have sum success.
skype:socksy267 (if you need my msn i can provide but i don't really use it)
Experience in Runescape in-General:i made my first runescape account when i was around 6-7 and i loved the game for what it was before they changed the game into something you never would have thought was runescape

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Name: Cameron

Age: 14

Type of spot wanted: What ever you think is best for me/The Rsps

Experience in area(RS/RSPS): I Have Played Rs Since 05, Back when I was 8 years old, and have played it ever since.

Skype: I do not have MSN, but i do have Skype which you can add me ---> Cameronwagner13
Experience in Runescape in-General: I Know all about the golden years of Rs and very experienced indeed. I have been currently playing Runescape for 7/8 years now and know so much about the game.

If you had any questions about me you can add me on skype or email me

Email: [email][email protected][/email]
Skype User: Cameronwagner13

Thanks a lot and I can't wait to get ready! :)

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Hello my name is Shane, otherwise known as Pride.
I am currently looking for a dedicated rsps to Admin for.
I have coding exp under my belt also, have a good buddy of mine that would come along
and he is amazing at web design and graphic designing, if you are interested in having us
contact me at my skype.

Thanks, Pride.

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