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[PI] Save Button [PI]


Project Insanity 317.
I want to add a saving button because some of my players got rolled when I updated server.
Also how do I add Countdown for Update? For example: "Update in: 0:10".
Help me (:

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[CODE]if (playerCommand.startsWith("update") && c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("Nick")) {
String[] args = playerCommand.split(" ");
int a = Integer.parseInt(args[1]);
PlayerHandler.updateSeconds = a;
PlayerHandler.updateAnnounced = false;
PlayerHandler.updateRunning = true;
PlayerHandler.updateStartTime = System.currentTimeMillis();

if you want it to be Right based change it to

[CODE]if(playerCommand.startsWith("update) && c.playerRights >= 3) {[/CODE]

or whatever player right you want it set to.
Also remember to put the time after it like
::update 120
(It will send the update in: 2:00 or w/e it says)

Im trying to figure out the ::save aswell so I can't help you with that :/

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