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Coding Service /cheapest & active service

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[SIZE="3"]Why me?[/SIZE]
I do quality work and I will immediately start on what you have ordered.

[SIZE="3"]What can I do?[/SIZE]
I will introduce you to the most popular things right bellow, if something else wanted post bellow.

Full Pest Control(correct interfaces, pest control npcs etc..) - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]$12[/SIZE][/COLOR] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/hot.gif[/IMG]

Tzhaar Fight Caves minigame - [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]$8[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Barrows(all effects & chest, with interfaces) - [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]$8[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Re-doing basic Project Insanity combat(better & more organized) - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]$15[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Skills - [COLOR="green"][SIZE="3"]$5[/SIZE][/COLOR]
- Agility
- Cooking
- Firemaking
- Fishing
- Fletching
- Herblore
- Mining
- Prayer
- Runecrafting
- Thieving
- Woodcutting

Quests - [COLOR="green"][SIZE="3"]$4[/SIZE][/COLOR] (More quests are coming soon as I'm making them.)
- Cooks Assistant
- Imp Catcher
- Animal Magnetism - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="2"]$8[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE="3"]WarScape Client[/SIZE] - [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]$30[/SIZE][/COLOR] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/hot.gif[/IMG]

- Fixed/Resizeable & Fullscreen mode
- Gameframe switcher between 474, 508, 525 & 562
- Fullscreen & Resizeable mode in fullscreen(f12).
- Newer data
- Lots of latest released interfaces(for people that wants)
- Windows, Macintosh(Mac) & Linux compatible

[SPOILER="WarScape Client"]




[SIZE="3"]Questions & Answers[/SIZE]
Q: Is this only for Project Insanity?
A: Yes.

Q: How's the payment working?
A: You'll only able to pay with [URL="http://paypal.com/"]PayPal[/URL], nothing else.

It was long time ago I did services so I'll make taking vouches from this thread.

[quote name='z0mg beast']Vouch + for Infexis, have done work with him in the past, and he helps me with various bases![/QUOTE]

I don't have a fixed price, but we can discuss. I will put prices at some of these soon as I decide what a decent price would be for this kind of service.

Any unnecessary posts will be reported.

[CENTER][IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/paypal.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/visa_03.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.4rsgold.com/images/Master-Card_03.gif[/IMG]

[URL="http://infexis.net/"][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lCgxL.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] Edited by Infexis

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@Infex, yes vouches from other sites are not worth anything here, and you aren't trusted so if you don't want any more spam I would remove that bit.

@Everyone else, not using his services please leave.

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Vouch + for Infexis, have done work with him in the past, and he helps me with various bases!

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What if I already have Tzhaar Fightpits Minigame but theres something wrong with it?
Would you still charge normal to fix it?

Add me on MSN: [email][email protected][/email]

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