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Creating a 508 RSPS


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[CENTER]Hello there!

Welcome to 'How to create a 508 RSPS', this thread will instruct you on how to create your own 508 server!

Server Base: Palidino76/Bulby
Revision: 508

Now I stated that they’re two bases above. Bulby was created off of Palidino76 and they’re almost identical. I suggest starting with a Palidino base because it is cleaner and is more popular. Although Bulby is jam packed with content, it is horribly written. Besides, if you download a server which is jam packed with content, what is there for you to do?

As you can also see there is a revision number. The number changes when a new runescape update is released. Runescape is currently in the high 600s. The most known revisions are 317, 508 and 562.

Please be aware that this tutorial is for users with the OS: Windows


Step 1: Downloading Java
Step 2: Downloading a Server
Step 3: Downloading a Client
Step 4: Understanding the Server and Client
Step 5: Modifying your Server
Step 6: Modifying your Client
Step 7: Port Fowarding
Step 7: Hosting your Server!

[SIZE=5][U][B]Step 1: Downloading Java[/B][/U][/SIZE]

First, head to this website. This is basic Java and is needed to play the actual Runescape game.


It should be a very quick download and install. Once that is finished continue on.

Now, lets begin on downloading the most updated JDK. The most updated JDK version at this time is 7u51.


Now click the following button in the picture below:


Once you have continued onto the next page be sure to focus on the part that looks like the picture below:


Be sure to [U]accept[/U] the Terms and Conditions and then select your Windows System Type.

[U]Don’t know your System Type? No problem![/U]

[B] This is for Windows 7 Users[/B]

Click on your start menu and right click on ‘Computer’ then select Properties.


Once there, you should see a great deal about your computer! You can find your Manufacturer, amount of RAM in your system and [B]OF COURSE[/B] your System Type!

Locate your System Type and then go back and download JDK with the new-found knowledge your have inherited.

[B]System Type 64-bit: Windows x64
System Type 32-bit: Windows x86[/B]

Once it is finished you can find it by going to your Program Files > Java and you should be able to view it there!

[B] You will also notice you have downloaded JRE7! It can be used, but will not be for this server setup![/B]

[COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 1![/B][/COLOR]]

[SIZE=5][B][U]Step 2: Downloading a Server [/U][/B][/SIZE]

For this Tutorial we will be using [U]Palidino76 508 Server Version 3.1[/U] which can be found on the biggest Runescape Private Server community website Runelocus!

This server has a good deal of content and is a great starter!

Before you jump to that download, make sure you have WinRAR!

[B]Downloading WinRAR[/B]

WinRAR for Windows comes in two forms, 64-bit and 32-bit. Since you already looked up your System type, you can use that information to download the proper one for you!

For 32-bit users:


For 64-bit users:


You just need to go through all the steps until it is finally installed! The install should only take around a minute.

Now, since you have WinRAR we can continue with downloading the Server!

(This is DavidScape. One of the ONLY 508 downloads I could find - I am not releasing mine.

Simply click on: [URL]puu.sh/8vovr.rar[/URL]

And your download will begin. Once it is completed downloading you need to open it in winRAR and it should look like this:


Now click on Extract and another window should appear. Select Desktop then ‘OK’


Your Server will now appear on your Desktop!


[COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 2![/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][B][U]Step 3: Downloading a Client[/U][/B][/SIZE]

Since you have already downloaded WinRAR you a step ahead of the game! Now is time to download a client. A client is used to view the game, as the server runs it. I am supplying a blank 508 client with is set for you to use with ease.

First go to:


A download should appear, let it download and once it is done it will open in WinRAR.

Follow the same steps as you did above to extract it to your Desktop. Once that is finished, you now have a 508 Client compatible with your Server!

[COLOR=#008000][b]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 3![/b[/COLOR]]

[SIZE=5][B][U]Step 4: Understanding your Server and Client[/U][/B][/SIZE]

A Server and a Client are like having a desktop computer. Your Tower contains all of the information and your client monitor presents it. A Server is like your desktop tower and your client is like your monitor.
(I am just putting this into terms for people who are new to it all).

Server: Your server contains the content. This is where you add information for others to see and use.

Client: This displays the content within your Server. You can add custom items to your client, but they will not work properly if not edited within the server also.

[SIZE=5][SIZE=5][B][U]Step 5: Modifying your Server[/U][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE]

I will be showing you how to make yourself an Admin and how to create your own welcome message.

[B]Compiling and Running your new Server[/B]

Open your Server file and go into cmd.

You will see Instalize. Instalize is the same as run, clicking it will start your Server. Mithscape’s Run is not compatible with your JDK version, all you have to do is change it. Since you downloaded jdk1.7.0_51 All you have to do is change your Instalize.cmd to:



[code] [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off
cd ../bin
title Running 508 Server
"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin\java.exe" palidino76/rs2/Server 43594


Your Server should now be able to start!

Since you’re going to be updating your Source, you must make the compiler compatible too!

Create a new file named “rs2.cmd” And add the following to it.

[code] [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off
cd ../src
"C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.7.0_51\bin\javac.exe" -cp . -d ../bin/ ./palidino76/rs2/*.java

Now you have a successful compiler!

Now let’s make you an Admin! Administrators are the highest ranking members within the server. They have access to all commands unless defined otherwise.

Go into src > Palidino76 > rs2 > io > Login.java

Hit CTRL + F and type in ‘Whiz‘.

You should see this:

if (p.username.equals("Whiz") || p.username.equals("whiz")) {
p.rights = 2;

Simply change your Username where Whiz’s was.

if (p.username.equals("YOUR USERNAME") || p.username.equals("YOUR USERNAME")) {
p.rights = 2;

Save the file and close it.

You must then head back into the cmd file and run the compiler ‘rs2’ which you just created.

Your server will update and the new information which you added will take place.

[COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 5![/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][B][U]Step 6: Modifying your Client[/U][/B][/SIZE]

Once you open your newly downloaded Client you will see three items. Files, Compile and Run.

[CENTER]Now when you update something within your Client, you must run your compiler for them to take action.

Next, let’s edit your connecting IP. Go into files and scroll down until your find client.java

Hit CTRL + F and search for ‘’.

That is your local host IP. If you leave that, you will be the only one to connect to the Server. In the next steps you’ll find out your IP and how to create a mask for it.

For now, leave it as

[COLOR=#008000][B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 6![/B][/COLOR]

[SIZE=5][B][U]Step 7: Port Fowarding[/U][/B][/SIZE]

(This is for a Netgear Router)

You must Port Forward to allow others to join and enjoy your server.

First go to your start menu and search for ‘CMD’


If on Windows 7 be sure to [B] RUN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR[/B]


You’ll be brought to a Command Prompt


Then type in ‘ipconfig’


And then you should get your Network information


The IP which is in the red is the one you must remember. That is your computers IP within your network. Make sure you have that written down. You may close your Command Prompt once you have it written down.

Second, go to your browser and type ‘’

It will ask you for a Username and Password. Your default for a Netgear will be Username = admin Password = password. Your Internet Provider might have changed the password, so if that information doesn’t work be sure to check the bottom of the router.
Once you’re in your Netgear control panel make your way to Port Forwarding / Port Triggering

Select ‘Add Custom Service’.


Once in there, please follow the instructions on the picture. [B]This is where that number you were suppose to write down comes into play[/B].


You have now Port Forwarded.

[B]Good job so far! With your hard work you have completed step 6![/B]

[B][U]Step 7: Hosting your Server[/U][/B]

Since you have now Port forwarded all you need to do is run your Server. For others to connect you must share with them your IP. You can find your IP at: [URL]http://www.whatismyip.com/[/URL]

All you need to do is go back into your Client and edit client.java

Search for the once more and replace that with your IP. You must then Compile and it’s good to go.

[B]Want to mask your IP? Follow this![/B]

Go to [URL]http://www.no-ip.com/[/URL] and create an account. Once created and logged in go to Host/Redirect


Then click ‘Add Host’

You must fill in ‘Hostname’ and select an ending from the large drop down list.
Get your IP from: [URL]http://www.whatismyip.com/[/URL] And put that were ‘IP Address’.

Click Create Host


Return to the homepage of the website and select ‘Download’


Select your OS and let it download. Install it and then Run it.

Once it is finished, search for it from your Start Menu. It will be called DUC 3.0.


It will ask you for the information you used to create your account on the website, enter it and logon. You will be brought to this page:


Select Host and then make sure to check your server.


Then you may close it. This program will run whenever your computer is on.

All you need to do now is go back into your Client and edit client.java

Search for the once more and replace that with your Hostname which you created. You must then Compile and it’s good to go.

Make sure your Server is on before you run your Client or else it will not connect.

[SIZE=6][COLOR=#008000]Good luck![/COLOR][/SIZE]

[size=5]Be sure to check out my 508 which is the only 508 to have a webclient! You won't be disappointed to try out this great server. [url]Http://Carrscape.com[/url] . 508s are the best. Let's bring them back together![/size]
[/CENTER] Edited by Carrscape
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