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[HELP FOR YOU] .Jar Client Info

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Alright, This one is pretty simple, but some of my clients (server players) don't seem to understand why the Jar File isn't actually working. HERE IS AN EASY EXPLAINATION!

Associate the file with the Java Runtime Environment.
To do associations, go to "My Computer", click on one of your drives (C: for instance). When it is shown, choose "tools->folder options" (or properties... it's in different places depending on the windows version).
Open windows explorer (just open any folder) to get the tools -> folder options window.
When you get the folder options window, click on the tab "file types". You should be able to either edit or add JAR files (.jar extension)
Change the program used to open JAR files. In the file select window, go to the folder where the JRE is installed (should be c:/program files/java/ (...), mark "always open with", and select the javaw.exe file.

Hope this helps, I know it's quite simple, but if for whatever reason you didn't know this here is your explanation.

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