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[PI] High105's Services [PI]

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[CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=7][COLOR="#008000"]High105's Services[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

[B]Only for PI Servers/Client's[/B]

-Auto Cache Downloader ( I can host the links or you can.)
-Client Jarred
-Vote4Rewards with names
-Vote4Rewards with auths
-Smf Forums
-Punishment System(Can be used for any command. Can have any color(s), and Can have it say anything.

[FONT=System][SIZE=6][COLOR="#0000FF"]Demos - Currently Offline Due to No Website to Host[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[url=http://#]Name Voting[/url]
[url=http://runerevival.com/vote]Auth Voting[/url]
[url=http://runerevival.com/forums]Demo Forums[/url]
[url=http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/5057/459b4ebbe1d04dc08c03514.png]Punishment System[/url]

Webclient + Jar - $3/5m
Auto Cache - $3/5m
Client.jar - $1/1m
Vote4Rewards Name - $3/6m
Vote4Rewards Auth - $5/10m
Dicing - $3/6m
Punishment System - $2/5m
HighScores - $5/10m
Forums - Negotiable

[FONT=System][SIZE=6][COLOR="#0000FF"]Middle Man & Transactions[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
Either you willl go first, and send me the money and I will do your service. Or we will use a middle man. My middle man of choice is
It is possible that we can use someone else, but I prefer we use him because I trust him. How it will work with the middle man is, you will send him the money for the service. Once he receives the money for the transaction, I will start your service. After I have finished my end of the deal, The MM [u]WILL[/u] check to make sure that the service has been done properly, and functionally working. If you do encounter any problems, I will fix them for FREE.

[spoiler=Vouches (19)]
[quote name='jager987']this guy is awesome he portforwarded for me fast and cheap A++[/QUOTE]
[quote name='dyltank']Vouch! Job was done quick and easy, great guy.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Anthony Probert']He made me a webclient, fixed the bugs, fixed the errors, coded my cache. and for cheap![/QUOTE][quote name='jager987']Did a nice, quick, and easy auto cache for me, with an auto updater... Fixed the errors that came along very quickly.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='terror305']Wow he added dicing so fast and in such a cool Way! Exactly how the video was.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='DJMielens']big fat juicy vouch for high 105. fixed my vote4cash super fast!!!! trusted :D[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Hgaits']I would definatley say this guy is legit, he ran out of time tonight and he feels really bad, therefore he will give a free service. This guy is the best!!![/QUOTE]
[quote name='I R SAD']Vouch for High, Wasnt able to do the job and he payed back $$.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='freedomk']great service 100% trusted![/QUOTE]
[quote name='Firekill291']thank you for this vote4cash really help me !!!!!!!! :)[/QUOTE]
[quote name='pkingbandit']High 105 i have used him a lot, big vouche for him :-)[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Flawlesss']Vouch! fast smooth! was very nice
let me have 1$ off cause i was short paypal fee :P <3 i will buy gp from him again! THanks again buddy[/QUOTE]
[quote name='CodyV20']Vouch, did a trade with him. Everything was simple.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='tuckinfypo7345']vouch for high105, he went first and i sold him my runescape account. trusted![/QUOTE]
[quote name='Rich`']Big ass vouch!! This nigga just setup vote 4 auth for me, and it works perfectly! :)[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Rich`']Once again.. dis nigga hooked me up.. only this time he hooked me up with a punishment system. :) Fast, easy and legit[/QUOTE]
[quote name='pkingbandit']LOL idk if i ever vouched for you if i didnt, here you go, VOUCH![/QUOTE]
[quote name='RspsBeginner']Vouch* Helped me with my playersave love him <_< >_>[/QUOTE]
[quote name='iTamp0nz']Vouch - Bought 15M from him.[/QUOTE]


[FONT=System][SIZE=6][COLOR="#0000FF"]Contact Me[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
Msn - [email][email protected][/email]
On This Thread - Use the Application as follows
Pm Me - Private Message me about you wanting to use my service.

-Your Msn/email/skype:
-The Service you want done:

[/center] Edited by high105

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-Your Msn/email: [email][email protected][/email]
-The Service you want done: Vote4Rewards Name - $5

Churr Edited by dyltank

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this guy is awesome he portforwarded for me fast and cheap A++

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Vouch! Job was done quick and easy, great guy.

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Thank you both of you for the vouches, I have also received the payments, thank you.
Getting off,
Being on tomorrow. Edited by high105

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What exactly would you do on Smf Forums? I have one and thier free and easy.

Anyawys very nice app, Goodluck.

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[quote name='I R SAD']What exactly would you do on Smf Forums? I have one and thier free and easy.

Anyawys very nice app, Goodluck.[/QUOTE]
I mean I guess People would have to tell me, but I can do custom homepages... Add custom modules, blocks, and pages. Make pop ups...
Actually make a decent forum. Not sure really.

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[quote name='Jed Ltd']high add me on MSN [email][email protected][/email][/QUOTE]
Ok, Any paticular service ur looking for?

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