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InsidiaX - Dungeoneering | Summoning | PK'ing Skill | 602 Anims & GFX ~ v2 ~

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InsidiaX Released By Faris & James

Okay, to start this off this has been a HUGE project to capture the likeness of runescape into a 317 server, This was originally started by Myself and Brandon, and soon our team expanded to Djappelle - James, Hide n Seek - James and of course, Me. we used HybridPvP as the base, and ripped the summoning base and Summoning Tab out of ErasedPkz and added some small things to it and fixed bugs, everything else is Hard Coded and has had a lot of work put into this by all of us who have been part of this the past few months.
Not only was this a successful project, but we managed to host this server, and got to Page 1 of google, with a Maximum hit of 153 Players Online, the server Load was only at roughly 25%.. Pretty much means this server could hold around a good 600-700 Players Depending on your VPS.

The reason why we have decide to release this is that we have grown tired and we had all of the fun from this project that there possibly was to of been had, it has been a great learning experience, and now it is time to give back to the community so other people can have as much fun with this as we did.

This means...NO ANTI-LEECH
Out of common respect if you use this base, it would be nice for some recognition with a reply, or some Thanks.
And if you release a server with this as a base, some credits would be nice :D

This base is compatible with the following:
-Project Insanity
(And all other affiliated releases)


Hybrid PvP - 10%
Erased Pkz - 10%
Myself & James - 80%
Web Designing: Hide n Seek - 100%

Honourable Mentions:
Michael AKA 'Phantom (Interfaces)

There is only one server with Dungeoneering like ours, which is Caution - X, because they based their Dungeoneering off ours, NOT the other way around.

- Done
- Started
- Not Started

The Features Include...
-602 Skill Interface
-Fading Hitmarks
-Added Working Leech Spec and ALL Saps Curses.
-Combat Icons Next to Damage
-Dungeoneering FLAWLESS (8 GOOD Floors)
-All Important Summoning Special Attacks
-Very Advanced Dicing System
-10Man "Raid" Style Bosses
-Introduction of Red Dragons, Very Active Pking
-Wilderness Revernants
-Custom PK'ing Skill
-Elite Slayer Tasks
-All NPC's around the World
-More Advanaced Skilling than PI
-FULLY working Overloads 100% RS
-39 Jad Waves, Custom
-Unique Custom Home
-Dragonfireshield works 100% Charging!
-100% Working pvp armours ( Statius, Vesta, Zuriel and Morrigan)!
-PKP Shops
-90% Corrected Item Stats
-Even More NPC Anims Added
-Player Owned Shops
-Sarabrew doesnt drain stats when overloaded
-PERFECT Bridding / Switching
-Vote4Cash Integrated
-Fully Webclient Ready
-Soulwars Cape & More Items Added
-Torva, Korasi, Primal (With Effect's)
-Critical Hits (With RS Hitsplat)
-Fixed Slayer NPC Perfectly Animated and Updated
-Instant Loading (Was very slow with base)
-Ring of Life & Slayer Helmet Effects
-Brilliant Custom Designed Interfaces
-317 Classic RS Graphics
-Custom Desgined GWD with Interfaces
-Working Spirit Shield Effects
-Hand Cannon, Arcane Stream, Ring of Vigour Effects
-Dungeoneering Skillcape Emotes, Chaotic Shields
-602 Animations, 602 GFX, 474 Maps, 614 Items, 317 Characters
-Enhanced GFX Rendering Looks Smoother!
-Donaters FUNPK Area
-Perfect RS Hand Cannon Fixed Anti Leech (Commented out Exploding)
-Perfect Constitution x10 Hits and HP
-Very accurate Special Calcs for PvP Server
-Near Flawless Combat System
-Perfect RS Chaotic Crossbow
-Real RS Dung Teleport /w Kinship Ring
-Dungeoneering is by far the most advanced from ANY server!
-Working and Completely Custom PK Skill (exp from winning in wild)
-Very customisabled source files, as written in PI / DSPK style.
-Real RS Barrage Orb's for non freezing barrages.
-Fixed ALL Mem Leaks
-Enabled Dupeless Stakeing
-100% Server Stability
-508 Maps
-653 Items
-Real RS Korasi Gfx & Anim
-No Custom Items Added

Download Links HERE:

Please login or register to see this link.


Please login or register to see this link.

Cache: [

Please login or register to see this link.

- Mediafire Free File Sharing - insidiaXV8cache.rar[/url]

If you download the cache from the above mirror, then you will need to put the cache in your C: drive for it to work :)

-Any persons seen re-releasing this thread i will claim money from, as they are stealing property which does not belong to them.

Good Luck to anybody planning on using this base, and i wish for everybody the best of luck! If everyone puts together their work when they are finished then the community will progress as a unit, so keep it going (y)

Sorry about the Previous Release having a Virus in it, some Twat decided he should steal my work and re-release it with a Keylogger in it, This is the legit version, by the REAL Insidiax, Please enjoy Thank you.


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ummm Can some1 help me with interface making on this Im looking for a class9.java isnt one and i dont understand how i would add interfaces i made with lins maker.

please help any1 who knows how do i add custom interfaces to this ty

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[quote name='The WIZ']I thought this was released already?[/QUOTE]
This is V2 :P

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