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[COLOR="#FF8C00"]FrozenScape Info[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#800080"]• RAR download client
• 100% Runescape bank pins that you can reset if you forget the pin.
• Great shops
• Cash limits, so all your hard earned money wont reset to 1 coin.
• Perfect range, stand far away from monsters wile you attack them.
• Range requires arrows, then you can collect them after you have killed your opponent.
• Shops fixed, no more having to close and reopen the stores.
• Experienced staff members.
• All chaotic weapons.
• Primal armour, fractite armour, etc.
• Newer bosses to challenge.
• Chat effects (e.i. - green:shake: Hello)
• Player following.
• Clan chat.
• Loot Share.
• One click npc attacking.
• One click player attacking.
• One click npc trade.
• Colored whips(Fixed animations).
• Staff of Light.
• New spirit shields.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#008080"]Other Details[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#00FFFF"]• All skills fully trainable.
• Clanwars safe and non-safe pking.
• Bank tabs allowing you to organize your bank however you choose.
• Plenty of bosses with rare drops.
• Full screen high definition available.
• Thieving for cash.
• Dragon platebodys.
• Pets that follow you.
• All godswords fulling working.
• Dragon fireshield.
• Dragon claws with fully working special.
• All PVP armour and weapons.
• Bandos and Armadyl armour.
• Great website.
• Crystal keys to open the magic chest (gives rare items).
• New whip attack emotes (fixed to real one).
• All skillcapes and emotions.
• Trading interfaces fixed.
• God Wars Dungeon.
• Barrows mini-game.
• Soul wars mini-game.
• Pest control mini-[/COLOR]




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