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Kill Joy

Final Classic Re-Opening

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Have you ever sat listening to the old and wizened seers in your clan councils or local fishing spot as they chew gummily on their stewed lobster and go on and on about the “good old days”, telling you stories of certs, sleeping bags and 3-hit combat? Do they look wistfully at areas just beyond the Paterdomus temple saying “I remember when all this was just sea”? Strange tales indeed, but there was a time when their ramblings were true! If you’re a member and you’re keen to find out more about the early days of RuneScape and the game that started it all off, then take a nostalgic trip to RuneScape Classic.

For the last time this month we are reopening the gates to our true roots and humble beginnings. RuneScape Classic is a very basic and old-school version of RuneScape, but does contain 50 of our original quests and the whole game as it was back in 2003. Don’t forget that if you’re keen to unlock the classic cape this will be your final ever opportunity to do this.

Personally I'm a tiny bit made about this. I love the small and very friendly classic community. There's never any trolling or spamming. Now there will be a flow of screaming kids coming in saying, "ewww this is horrible." I swear the last time they opened it up they said it was for the last time.

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