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Why not to kill yourself *Personal Experiences*

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[quote name='Cataclysm']Mike we know you need help thats why we are here! :) Just make another thread with your problem(s). We all as a community will get to your thread A.S.A.P no questions asked. We will get through your problem together and all be able to resolve it. We Understand.

- [B]From the loving RuneLocus community <3[/B][/QUOTE]

You better change that to the trolling community

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[quote name='I c']to all the dumbfucks thinking that depression is laughable, try having your emotions fuck with you every day. You can be happy one instant, then a raging emo wanting to go kill himself. I've been close to ending my life, was at my friends college actually. Won't go into much detail but I ended up in the physciatric hospital. Yes, it's as crazy as you think it is. I deal with so much emotional change that I had to see a therapist to figure out what was wrong. After a couple months of therapy, I felt better. I still feel better than before. I have my ways of taking care of my emotional changes when they happen. It's like you're living in hell constantly and there is no escape. That's how depression feels like to me. Some days you just say fuck it and give in. It's a never ending war against your brain and how you think about yourself. Fuck off if you thinks its funny or dumb. It sickens me to know that there are some people here who think its funny. Would love to see how you would handle it.[/QUOTE]
+1. nuff said

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