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Shishir G

New Computer- Was this a good buy?

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[quote name='_s1gma']you may as well just have omitted this because OP likely didn't actually want any fine grain details; you just happened to add them in, which is fine when they aren't wrong, and in your case.. that statement is wrong though probably to due to misinterpretation and the statement's ambiguousness, as i've interpreted '[i]commands[/i]' to be instructions and they certainly haven't changed size.

edit: in fact, architectural enhancements of x86-64's are listed [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64#Architectural_features"]here[/URL]. i'd sum up to say the amount of available general purpose registers and the memory address size increase, but all that matters to OP is the amount of RAM that you can utilise.[/QUOTE]

dammit, i drank too much. It would be instructions. Though, the difference in instructions deals with the largest possible memory address you can use. Also, registers would not have much of an effect on the amount of memory able to be used. But yes, that is a technicality

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