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[562 loading 604] Razen Claw

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This server has already been released but, im going to add a ton to it, due to it being noszscape and needs to be....well...yea..

And I just need to add a lot of stuff to the server to get more features...

For more news and information you can go to: razen-claw.tk

To download the beta client you can download it here: Razen-download.tk

*We recently were having..."staff problems" and player count is now really low, hoping to get it up soon while spending $100+ on advertising after more features are done.

Current Goals:

(tell me things i need to add please.....)



Working On

Not Started

Gave Up


Multi Barrage

Several Quests with a quest line

Donator Benefits and Shop

%100 Divine and Elysian



All npc drops


Loading 604 with items

Curse prayers (I have them %60 coded into server (most of them) I just fail at client sided stuff and idk if i can get it done...)

Gambling system

nice looking website (almost done)


The coolest home ever to be on a private server

Monster drop rates

Windows 7 64bit HD

Thanks for checking it out... I'm not the best, but im trying to learn more, all help would be great :D

Now time for some Media (I'll be adding more in the future)






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*face palm*

barrows on top of the mounds in mass?

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How come that a pro in a noob community O_O

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