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Website / Download:

Website is not finished and will be as this is all a beta as of right now! We are currently using Discord as our forums so feel free to join our discord on our website.


What is Stick-Private?

Stick-Private is a private server of STICK-ONLINE which is a 2D side-scrolling MMO. Start out as level one, fight monsters to 

gain experience, gold and if you are lucky some nice drops. Interact with players and fight bosses for a chance of incredibly rare gear. Fight Players 
to test out your stats. Participate in tournaments where the winner get an amazing prize!

Stick-Private was made because the offical server was shutdown.


STAT DESCRIPTIONS (total of 4 stats):

STR: Increases melee attack damage, and increases the amount of knockback you do

AGI: Increases run speed, jump height (for crouch jump), and attack rate

VIT: Increases max hp, defense, hp regeneration, and knockback resistance

INT: Increases max energy, energy regeneration, and the effects of certain skills (once implemented)

For each time you level up you get "1" stat point  which can be placed in any one of your stats that you choose.
The current max level in game is 100. Getting to 100 is incredibly difficult and if you gain level 100 you get "5" stat points as a reward!


Right: Move right

Left: Move left 
Down: Crouch
A: Jump (Crouch + jump for higher jumps)
S: Primary attack (punch, unless you have a weapon) 
D = Secondary attack (kick, unless you have a weapon) 
X: Sit down (regains HP, and regains energy faster)
P: toggles PVP (player vs player) mode
O: toggles Clan PVP mode 
CTRL: Interact
Enter: Toggle typing mode/send message 
F10: Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
Esc: Quits game


Click on an item to equip/use it. Click again to unequip.
Shift+Right click to delete an item from your inventory, (this is permanent)
Right click while at a shop to sell


press the "+" button next to the stat to raise it. (Uses stat points gained from leveling)



"/ping" pings the server and returns the delay 
"/sound" toggles the game sound on and off
"/who" displays how many players there are playing
"/fps" displays your current frames per second
"/level" informs all nearby players of your current level
"/filter" toggles the games profanity filter on and off
"/save" this is to help save your account just in case a server issue


In Game Media (7 Areas)

GUI and Character deleted for screenshots of game map.

There are currently 7 areas ingame to explore there will be more as updates to the client/game come!


I will add more Ingame pictures under request! Thanks hope to see you all online! 

Stick-Private is not affiliated with Stick-Online in any way.

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