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Entangled - ⛏ IRON-MAN | 🛡️ RAIDS | 📈 G.E. | 🗡️ BOUNTIES | 🏆 ACHIEVEMENTS

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What is Entangled?
A. Entangled is Economy Based OSRS server. Attempting to keep that OS-RS feeling but also have unique content that players enjoy.

Server Status: BETA
A. The server is just starting out and many unexpected problems could occur while playing, we would like to make our players aware of this before they begin their brand new adventure with us. 

Any Reset(s) Expected?
A. No, we will not be resetting unless something is found bugged and we wish to resolve it.

Community - Discord Link;
A. Yes. (Join Here) You can also see some other updates being added as things move forward.

Where can I find the Forums or Website?
A. Once, our server is out of BETA we will add a website and forums for our community. Because the favor over discord has left our forum members behind we have an idea to solve this for our community. (Stay Toon)

Please note this thread is a work in progress.


Discord Link:







Trading Post
Drop Look-up
Keyboard Quick Keys
Iron-Man Modes
Well of Goodwill
Skilling Pets
Roof-Top Agility
14+ Bosses including Vorkath and Zulrah.
Wilderness Resource Area
5 Slayer Masters with different Tasks and Difficulties.
Achievements / Diaries
Rune Pouch, Looting Bag, and More!
- Gamblers Area






Update Logs:


Skill Training (Puro Puro)
Combat Training (Catacombs) (Asgarnian Dungeon (Fremennik Dungeon)
Boss Travels (Zulrah)Quest Tab Server Version now matches server version.
Home was teleporting players behind the bank. (Matches normal home teleports now.)
Elemental Shield has been added to the slayer shop, and price adjusted.
Chronicle's "Operate" function now opens the new teleport interface.
 Farming patches reset on logouts. Thus any bugging of the patch can be reset on logout. (This is only temp.)
Drop rate was returning an (int) and not a (double) thus turning 7.25 into 6 because it's not adding the full double amount.
Crystal Key Chest has been added to home.
Trading Post listing have been updated. (Recent Tab wasn't showing anything, unless you searched a name or item.)
General Shop has been added just for Iron Man status, this shop is only for iron man.
Magic Shop has been disabled for Iron Man status.Normal, Hardcore, and Ultimate Ironmen (women) can now collect their missing gear from Adam in the Shield and Armour Shops at ::home.
Slayer Task have been nerfed as some tasks where just a little to much, Lava drags, fire giants, etc.Players can now obtain boss pets from bosses.
RFD portal and chest have been added.Hunter shop has been fixed. Located at hunter in skill teleports. Fixed issue where when you open trading post and walk away it would still try to offer items or not allow you to wear an item.
Iron man can now access the Magic Supply shop with a limited supply and raised prices.
Updated some new regions allowing npcs to function properly, still working on some areas.
Launcher has been released.
Renamed the incorrect mystery boxes (spinner & rare).
Corrected 'Ring of Charos' item options.
    - Right click in equipement tab have been changed to 'Activate' instead of 'Operate'.
    - Right click in Inventory tab a 'Active' option has been added under 'wear' item.

Mystery Box dropped by monsters considered to be the PVM Monster Box. Rares have been changed from 20% to 5% as the rarest should rarely be seen in the first place.


Source/base was compiled from OSPS, EXOTIC, and OSV
Credits to old Staff team for there additions and contributions;

- Decipher
- Dragon
- Og Kush
- Ezza
- and everyone else involved.
Credit to Acends and their team.
Credit to Mystic-PS and their team.

Foxtrot Studio for his wonderful Client Loader he released!
Credits to anyone else that helped on this project including community and staff members involved.

Edited by Freedomplay

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A healthy server bump, we are looking to expand our beta team. Stop by any time to let us know your interested!

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