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Hi big noob here

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Been awhile since i've joined a forum. 

I've been on and off of here since 07, ofc checking out and playing different servers, I've seen the coming and going of some big servers over the years and i remember when the scene was really booming.

I've come here in an attempt to build, focus and sharpen my skills, maybe network a little and get good enough to eventually build something up from scratch for my friends and myself to do in the mean times.

I don't really have any aspirations to be the designer or developer of the next big server but I do will to learn the rsps scene thoroughly and become competent in my ability to write and execute java code! How exciting XD

Anyway nice to meet you all, if anyone happens to read this, I like to read, so please feel welcomed to point me in the proper direction on where to get started. Until then I will be browsing the downloads.

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