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BoomScape 718/742 | Construction | Dungeoneering | Balanced Eco | Unique Updates

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BoomScape BoomScape Download BoomScape Forums BoomScape Vote boomscape.gif Hello and a big welcome back to BoomScape! There is still lots of work to do but for now come join us at BoomScape! 82f77f2f34a0819ce74f1fb3ca4b5db9.png hN7Wuox.png In the first image I would like to show you guys is where our home is located & our Teleport Hub which you can use to teleport around, everything goes down here pretty much! ae5dfd840a63331c23cdb47de887c86f.png Here's a few images of our Grand Exchange, more advanced than most servers also a Player to Player based Grand Exchange (Pending Offers etc) 7dcb74aea0c0f386e11f1dc311ae5279.png 5edea7ca188c5b4a90e0ce2ee02b9a67.png e8dda4510d90afa32efc5be971cb707d.png To make our server even better we have Kill Logs & Clue Logs so you can keep track of what you've been doing! 03e50e57d768a9c3d65e323a411997ff.png 9362b0eb6f85891957d05d5d079ee751.png In the next picture you can see our duel arena which works perfectly, and in this image you can see "The Spoils" from a stake! e1c82d14d0ce20b9d958e3cf989d6e62.png In this image, I show you another way of teleporting around, you'll need this especially if your looking to go down to Glacors and pick up yourself some Steads! 9bcf0481833136532b7ccfd7de43c93d.png Talking about Glacors! Here they are, working 100% like runescape, Double HP bars Minions and weak to Fire Spells! 0e2ad324696170cfcc86e9dd70af3c7d.png cf599facdeee8325868a5960ade4060b.png Whats this we have? A fun minigame Pest Control working fabulously and users enjoy playing it, saving up for that void armour! Heres a few images of it! bd54ad97e077bdc13b621047122c3988.png 8befef73ac8a1e40468cdaa9c9976950.png 0f11b1024aed3882f7439aa3ff35db17.png e738439944463b392eba0b414e53a83a.png You into bossing? Find it pretty much easy as hell to go boss, what we have choose to do is use the way Runescape do it and make you have to kill 25 Minions before entering past the door to slay Bandos etc! 762829f9585504e5ad9c4399c8e473de.png We have full construction so get your tools out and begin to create your home! 2483068517618676bc5227de8eef72dd.png Dungeoneering find it boring and very easy on most servers? Not on BoomScape, our Dung system requires you to go through a series of waves to kill all different NPC's like Jad, Nomad and much more but don't worry they don't come at you until you get onto higher waves! df2fc353e7d3cc350330f6640c8b0e02.png Completionist Cape Rewards, we have decided not to make them to easy, they have been made like this to keep you guys entertained and work hard towards your goal of getting Comp! abd881e01fe01971f34e45fbae578a98.png Don't worry we didn't forget Completionist Cape Trimmed! To acquire this cape your going to have to do a little more! cd4e48d196423a6512bc910938408e44.png Donator boxes, what these will do is give you a chance of getting Rare items and Rusty coins, Rusty coins are a currency which allow you to buy Donator, Extreme Donator & VIP ranks from the shop! Character Customisation! We have long waited fixing this one up, we now have it working just like Runescape, when you login you will be able to style up your character and look cool without armour! 8f8314b2ef2186be63a0f500b83c2dfc.png Even though on BoomScape all Nulls have been fixed, instead of making Mules, we have a Token System currency which are worth 100m each and can be traded around to buy stuff :) 11b1179d3f29e6d73be7f1f1417b95a9.png Pyramid Plunder minigame, perfect for you thief's out there! Play this minigame to level up in Thieving! 1fb3552d27502ae787d9c5839344f586.png On BoomScape the Dominion Tower is a great place to get the best gloves on the game! After getting a certain amount of Dominion Factor points you can go and purchase your long waited gloves! 63c99dbe07e31af0aa493a4125cf31f3.png Pvm Points, on most slayer tasks, when killing the NPC's you will notice you get Pvm points, these are great for earning rewards in the stores! a59d934c0e4820d2e3cb46af7b824575.png No longer need to have cash in your inventory to Buy & Sell items they go straight from your Money Pouch, Buying & Selling, you still can buy from using Coins in your inventory though! 5e3a481c4c05f9bd5ae72ee766009a87.png Dragonfire shield working just like Runescape & Cools down like Runescape, giving you the ultimate Shield as you can see below! e3aadb70b68180cb2ce1529c40a0db3f.png 68816cb4598772aa52eb7bde473094ac.png Bank Pins, speak to a banker to get one of these, we are still working on making it so you can use the interface for Bank Pins though! ge.gif Correct Stats Checker in Shops, Select Item Click Stats to see! bde36997ce7aaf6bf36a5ef490cc526b.png Gambling! At BoomScape we have a great Gambling Community, we allow Extreme Donators + Plant Mithril Seeds & After 150 Votes you can buy a Dice Bag!! b6a58605bcfae819263ef9fe6721b868.png & Here you can see you can't plant ontop of another flower ;) 189c098d99c8d2e780b9fd83168ff989.png Squeal Of Fortune 100% Working, as you can see in the pictures below, I show you has Earned, Daily & Bought Spins, Saves your item for you to Claim Later even if you logout, if you DC whilst spinning your reward will still be there to collect when you log back in, your rewards are set so re-logging won't reset your reward items (The items that are winnable won't get reset basically until your next spin) 06ca8810ed4c9f4872279e24980b7950.png 400e05d7e730419307e395542a310d25.png Check out the SOF yourself to hard to show how it works through images :) Notes are a new edition to our content check them out you can change the colors etc :) BoomScape has now also fixed cash nulls, there are no longer any nulls within the cash & items as it will not allow you to overload past max integer! Currently that's all we have got to show you, we will be back here to update the thread add more images and include much more information about BoomScape, be sure to get this server link around to your friends and family who Play RSPS's or even RuneScape! Thanks for your guys time please post below on any questions & thoughts about BoomScape! More to be added soon

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