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Juicy 0range YouTube Advertising | 1,000+ Subs

Juicy 0range

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About Me

I've been playing in the RSPS scene since early 2013, playing many of the huge servers back then, I started my channel just over 2 years ago, making videos on and off over that time. My channel currently has just over 1,000 subscribers, with total views of 100,000. I am from the place down under, Australia, at 20 years of age, I work full-time and do YouTube on the side as one of my hobbies. I usually jump on to play RSPS's daily, and enjoy doing so. The reason I started my channel was to create content not many others have made, which would target the community that enjoys more of the PvP/PvM/From Scratch type of videos, I'm not hugely into gambling, and try to stay clear from so, although every now and then I just full send it and make a video or two! As I am new to the RSPS Advertisement scene I am more than happy to negotiate prices, if you can find a legit channel, with close subscriber counts offering you a cheaper video, I'll match it! My channel; www.youtube.com/Juicy0range

As the RuneScape Private Server scene is constantly changing, I like to be up-to-date with all the Custom OSRS based servers, as well as the EOC servers. I only want the best for my subscribers, whom may join me on the server I am to advertise, which means I will need proof that the server is not just a MONEY GRAB. I will do this by playing the server, attempting to find bugs, working along side Owners as well as the Developers to make sure the server is moving to improve bugs and be the best version of itself, the server should either have a well developed website, or a Discord with 100+ users, which is again, to make sure I am not advertising a Money Grab server as well as a safe and quality experience for my community, which will ensure no negative repercussions to myself or the server advertised.

◈Why Work With Me?◈
I have built my channel and community of 1,000+ subscribers without the use of giveaways EVERY video. I have created over 150+ quality videos, of which using [ctrl + f] on my channel -> videos, searching keyword *giveaway* will only result in 18 videos out of 150+ to show. I try to entice my audience into a server by showing the content available, I do however host giveaways on videos at the Owners request. All 1,000 subscribers are based off RSPS, with a couple DeadMan Mode OSRS videos. I am easy to work with, although having AEST time zone as well as working Full-Time, I can easily set a 24-72hour time to create a video after discussing prices/video type. I don't like to upload videos I personally wouldn't watch, which is why, in my opinion, my videos are quite high quality. Anything I wouldn't watch, I wouldn't expect my community to watch, hence I would not upload. Best thing about using my YouTube channel as advertisement, the video/s are there to stay! Weeks and months, even years after upload!

Popular Series
Original custom series of 13 MASSIVE videos - Addicts vs. The Grind;
My Channel;www.youtube.com/Juicy0range

Negotiable Pricings
PvP/PvM Montage/Videos - $40-$50 USD Per Videos
Ironman/Other Series - $40-$50 USD Per Episode
Addicts vs. The Grind Premium Series- $50-$60 USD Per Episode
Server Tours - $30 USD
Livestream - $40 USD for minimum 2 hours +1 hour/s prices negotiable
*This price covers Partners cost to create custom thumbnails*

Discount Contracts;
3-5 Videos - $150 USD Total - Negotiable depending on video types
5+ Videos - Price Negotiable

*Payments include cost of my Partners Graphical design for custom Thumbnails.*

Contact Me
The best way to contact me is through discord @Juicy Orange#1546 (O not Zero) Before making any payments please make confirmation through YouTube, to avoid any malicious accounts.
Or through Rune-Server Private Messages!

Important Policies
I take your privacy very seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. I will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Payment Policy
I accept payments through PayPal and/or OSRSGP, any advertisement needs to have a 50% deposit before I start making the video. I will send you finalized version of the video before uploading publicly to my channel to ensure both parties are happy, after which the other 50% should be paid on upload.
My prices are negotiable and will be discussed further through my Discord. You are paying for my labor and upload of the video to my channel; www.youtube.com/Juicy0range

Refund Policy
If the 50% deposit has already been paid and I have not yet begun recording clips, 50% of the deposit will be refunded, if however, I have started recording clips no refund will be available as my time has already been invested.

DISCLAIMER; All paid videos include custom Thumbnail created by partner, clips obtained by myself, time invested 10hours+ If I enjoy the server, future videos will be discounted further.
Please note these are the prices I am currently charging. It is possible prices may change, as I work full-time I will discuss the time frame I will have the video ready by, for more information contact me VIA Discord; Juicy Orange#1546 (O not Zero)

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